The Walking Dead's Final Midseason Trailer Promises High Stakes For Maggie

"The Walking Dead" has certainly gone through a crazy tale of survival thus far, and the main cast has to deal with zombies, hostile rival groups, supply issues, and even interpersonal drama.

Though zombies form the proverbial backbone of the show, the real threat the characters face is actually other humans. Zombies are fairly predictable with a clear cut motivation –- people, not so much. Now in the final season, "The Walking Dead" seems to have all plots and stories slowly converging into an epic and ultimate conflict, with multiple groups like Maggie's (Lauren Cohen) Wardens, the Commonwealth, remnants of the Reapers, and others trying to get the upper hand.

Season 11 of "The Walking Dead" has really seen characters come a long way, for better or worse. Maggie seems to be turning more ruthless and deadly, while Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is actually becoming a bit more of a redeemable figure, but that doesn't mean he has been given a free pass. Most of Maggie's group hold a deep and personal grudge against the former Savior, so it'll take far more than a few nice words and actions from Negan to gain any semblance of trust.

AMC has recently released the midseason trailer for the hit television show, and it looks like Maggie certainly has her hands full.

Maggie is ready to finish the fight in the midseason trailer

The midseason trailer for "The Walking Dead" on YouTube has a primary focus on Maggie, and the brief clip highlights the growing tensions between the different survivor groups. The first moments of the trailer show Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) of the Commonwealth saying that he'll need to see her when she is dead, though he only uses a pronoun and not an actual name. The next moments show several different images and a voice over by Maggie, who explains that the fight she is in won't end until she ends it.

The trailer continues and displays Maggie and Commonwealth soldiers exploring a derelict home, and Maggie is heard saying that they are going to do it her way, but she is berated because her way has managed to get several soldiers killed. The next moments have both Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) saying that they'll need to fight their way out, and ends with Daryl tossing Aaron a machine gun while Maggie looks like she is in an absolute frenzy.

Judging by this official trailer, it definitely looks like "The Walking Dead" will have an explosive midseason finale.