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The Maggie Scene That Went Too Far On The Walking Dead

When the world consistently offers the absolute worst, often it forces a person to change. Any character in AMC's "The Walking Dead" can probably attest to this notion. Being forced to survive in a zombie apocalypse is enough to mark a significant difference in any person, whether their transformation is good or bad. Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) is a character from "The Walking Dead" who, by Season 11, is a changed woman. And who could blame her after everything she's experienced throughout the series? Much of her goodness has suffered thanks to the traumatic murder of her husband Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) back in Season 7. And lately, fans have witnessed a new level of brutality in Maggie.

If the premiere episodes of Season 11A told us anything about Maggie, it's that the character has developed an ice-cold edge. In the pair of "Acheron" episodes, Maggie leads a group through some subway tunnels in Washington D.C. on the way to Meridian in the hope of gaining some supplies. However, the plan quickly goes awry due to the group having to deal with walkers. It's a massive fight for survival, where of course, not everyone makes it out. And one death in the second installment of the two-part premiere had some fans questioning Maggie's moral compass a bit.

Maggie doesn't even try to save a member of her group

In "Acheron: Part 1," youngster Gage (Jackson Pace) initially runs away from Maggie's group for fear that their trek is nothing more than a suicide mission. He then tries to return to them in "Acheron: Part II." However, Gage finds himself trapped in a subway car with walkers looming behind him. Pounding on the door separating him from the rest of the group, he pleads for help. But it's all for naught, as Maggie warns that if they open the door, the gang of walkers will overtake them all. So, she leaves Gage to his gruesome fate, which is him taking a knife and stabbing his own heart before the zombies start chomping.

The moment is a brutal death, but it's the lack of attempt to save Gage which had some fans on Reddit feeling that Maggie went too far. As u/_deSade wrote, "She's turned into a cold, callous person which is hilarious since she wants to hate Negan for having been that way. There weren't so many walkers that the group of them couldn't have killed them, not to mention they could've literally just closed the door again after saving him?" Other fans, such as u/z0mbiebaby, agreed. They added, "In the end, it was pointless to have left him since the walkers got in regardless."

The entire scene also seems too far if we consider that it could have all been avoided if Maggie had taken a moment to think of another plan or route instead of the tunnels. The first sign of walkers at the beginning of the trek into the subway station should have been an indication that perhaps this wasn't the best idea. But maybe it was all a potential way to get revenge on Negan through an "accidental death." Or perhaps Maggie had just become more hardened by this point.