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Matt Damon Riots In New Suburbicon Trailer

Things are getting grim in Suburbicon. A new trailer for the upcoming film reveals more about the movie's dark story, which features Matt Damon's Gardner Lodge dealing with the violent advances of a loan shark in a small, 1950s-era American town. 

The trailer begins with Lodge walking through his office, where his coworkers are offering their condolences for the loss of his wife, who died in a home invasion. The stone-faced Lodge ensures his coworkers that he is okay, although his son, Nicky (Noah Jupe) may be struggling more. "Right now, your future looks pretty bleak," Nicky is told. 

Lodge is clearly harboring some secrets, as he tells his assistant to tell the police that he's out when they come searching for him at his office. His conversation with the sergeant reveals that he is into the mob for money, something which leads to a flashback to the night where his wife was killed. "Nicky, there are men in the house," Lodge tells his son. "They're gonna take what they want and leave." "That's what you think," one of the men replies, before knocking out the adults in the room. 

The new trailer gives the best look yet at Oscar Isaac's character, an insurance claims investigator named Bud Cooper. "You've been in the business as long as I have, you develop a nose for hanky panky," he tells Julianne Moore's Aunt Margaret, before beginning to hint that she might have something to do with the death of Lodge's wife. "This case here does not have that aroma... This one stinks. I gotta tell you, that kinda nonsense, that can haunt you down the road. If you killed her, I mean." 

The rest of the trailer goes further into the violence and riots shown in the movie's earlier trailers. "Riots, fire, it's falling apart, Maggie," a bloody Lodge tells his sister. The trailer juxtaposes all of the gore and death against a calming voiceover which says, "Welcome to Suburbicon, a town of wonder and excitement with the promise of prosperity for all. Isn't it time for your new start?" 

George Clooney directs Suburbicon based on a script he co-wrote with Grant Heslov, revising an initial draft from the Coen brothers. The movie, which the director says is "very, very dark," is set for an Oct. 27 release. In the meantime, see some other exciting films that will blow you away this year.