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George Clooney Says Suburbicon Isn't A Comedy

Contrary to what you may have heard, the upcoming Matt Damon film Suburbicon is not, in fact, a comedy. According to director George Clooney, calling the film a dark comedy is a misnomer, with the helmer describing it as "very, very dark." 

Suburbicon follows Matt Damon as Gardner Lodge, a mild-mannered man who must deal with the violent advances of a loan shark in his 1950s-era small town. As the trailer shows, the film expertly switches between classic American imagery and bloody extremes, something which, in addition to the fact that the Coen brothers penned the original script, led many to assume it was a dark comedy.

However, according to Clooney, you would be hard-pressed to find the laughs in the film. "There's some misconceptions," he told Entertainment Weekly. "It's a pretty angry and dark film, which is sort of what we wanted to make at the time. Every time I see someone go, 'Yeah, it's a black comedy!' you go, 'There's a couple of laughs, but it wasn't designed to be ha-ha funny.'" Clooney added that the movie is very dark, starting out like a Disney film but then making "a pretty dramatic, serious turn to, like, an acid trip of some form."

Suburbicon is based on a script from Clooney and Grant Heslov, who rewrote a script from the Coen brothers. Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, and Noah Jupe also star in the film, which is set for an Oct. 27 release. In the meantime, see some other exciting films that will blow you away this year.