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Matt Damon Gets Bloody In Suburbicon Trailer

All is not well in Suburbicon. The first trailer for the upcoming film shows off the seedy underbelly of the titular town, where Matt Damon's Gardner Lodge must deal with the violent advances of a loan shark in a bloody dark comedy set against the backdrop of 1950s-era small town life.

"Welcome to Suburbicon," the trailer begins. "A town of great wonder and excitement, built with the promise of prosperity for all." However, the trailer quickly shows that this promise of prosperity for all doesn't necessarily manifest in the way it is supposed to, with Gardner awakening his son Nicky (Noah Jupe) in the middle of the night to let him know that there are men in the house– men who kill his mother.

This prompts Gardner to call in Nicky's Aunt Margaret (Julianne Moore) to come stay with them. While Gardner has a lot of problems to deal with at home, he's also in big trouble elsewhere, with the police questioning if he ever found himself on the wrong side of a loan shark named Rizzoli. "If you were into the mob for money, that might explained what happened to your wife," the police chief says.

Gardner clearly did something to get on the wrong side of the mob, as they show up at his house and try to kidnap his son. However, he quickly dispatches of the mobster, and ends up enjoying a sandwich while covered in his blood. "These animals took everything from us," he says. "I have to make decisions, like what's best for the family."

What's best for the family, it turns out, means brutally murdering a mobster in the street, something which sets the police after Gardner as well. The situation ends up escalating even further when Oscar Isaac's Roger shows up at Gardner's house, telling him that he is here to collect "all of it." From there, the trailer goes off the rails, with the town getting enveloped in street riots, fire, and explosions. "Nothing like this ever happens here, this is a safe place," says one resident. "It was," responds a second.

The Coen brothers penned the script for Suburbicon alongside George Clooney and Grant Heslov, with Clooney directing. The movie is set for an Oct. 27 release; in the meantime, see some of the other exciting movie trailers that have been released so far this month.