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The Amusing Morbius Line Jared Leto Totally Improvised

Well, it's almost time for what will surely be the most anticipated comic book movie of the year. Well, the most anticipated Sony Pictures comic book movie, that is. Step aside, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," because the release of everyone's favorite bloodsucking vampire superhero is nearly upon us. No, not "Blade," but Sony's own continuation of their Marvel universe with "Morbius," which will see method actor Jared Leto step into the titular role of Morbius, the living vampire. The film will be officially released in theaters on April 1, and it will tell the story of Leto's Michael Morbius, a doctor who suffers from a rare blood disease and, while searching for the cure to his lifelong illness, discovers a cure ... that turns him into a vampire.

Early reviews for "Morbius" have not been kind so far, with many citing its underwhelming story and bad post-credits scenes as the highlights of what makes the Leto-led tentpole such a disappointment. Still, there's every possibility that "Morbius" will be a hit with audiences. After all, "Venom" was met with bad reviews and still grossed $856 million at the worldwide box office (per Box Office Mojo). Regardless, fans will have a chance to judge for themselves soon enough. 

For those hungering for more behind-the-scenes information about "Morbius" — the life blood of the film, if you will — before they can form their own opinions about the movie, we have just the thing. Leto recently revealed that one particularly amusing line from one of the film's many trailers was totally improvised by him.

Surprise! Jared Leto improvised his 'I am Venom' line

Fans may remember that one of the many "Morbius" trailers features Jared Leto's Morbius telling someone (albeit jokingly) that "I am Venom" (via YouTube). The trailer, which was released in November 2021, then showed Morbius following that line with what will surely be prime material for next year's best adapted screenplay consideration at the Oscars. He says, "I'm just kidding. It's Dr. Michael Morbius, at your service."

Well, audiences should get ready to have their minds blown because that line was completely improvised by star Jared Leto, as he recently told ComicBook during a "Morbius"-related interview. The actor shared, "I improvised that line on the set that day and, you know, there was a lot of that, and it's really fun to do." He continued, "Yeah, it just seemed like, you know ... It just kind of came out in the moment, and we ended up using it, and I'm glad that people had fun with it in the way that we did."

Improvising lines is certainly nothing new, especially for comic book films. In fact, in the MCU alone, there are a lot of improvised moments to pick from when looking for the best ones. Still, it's neat to find out that Leto went off script from time to time and really tried to make the role his own with lines like this.