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Did A Big Stranger Things 4 Clue Appear In One Of Will's Drawings?

The third season of "Stranger Things" ended with major changes for the core cast of characters, which is set to have major ramifications for the upcoming season. As the third season came to a close, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) found herself powerless after removing the Mind Flayer attached to her wound. To make things worse, Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) seemingly perished at the end of the season, getting caught in an explosion at the Russian base in Hawkins.

The season's post-credits scene teased that the Russians in Kamchatka were holding an American prisoner captive. Many speculated at the time of release that the prisoner was none other than Hopper, who managed to survive the explosion. While it can't be confirmed if that exact prisoner was the Hawkins police chief, a brief clip released months after the third season revealed that Hopper was well and alive, doing manual labor as a prisoner of the Russian government.

With Hopper set to return in the upcoming season — which, in a bold move, will release in two separate volumes — audiences can't help but speculate if Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has known about the police chief's imprisonment. Will Byers' connection to the supernatural has slowly been growing since he was first trapped in the Upside Down. With Eleven now without powers, it appears that Byers could become the next powered character in "Stranger Things," and is potentially linked to Hopper's imprisonment.

Will might know where Hopper is

"Stranger Things 4" will see Eleven and the Byers shacking up in California now that Hopper has seemingly passed. Of course, audiences know that the character is alive and in Russia, but his friends don't. Or do they? A behind-the-scenes tour from the set of the third season features a close look at Will's room. There, a drawing can be seen that shows a man who looks similar to Hopper in a prison suit.

It's unknown if the drawing was made before or after Hopper's death. It's interesting to suggest that Will knows what the chief of police's fate ends up as. Does this mean that Will could be integral to helping Hopper escape the Russian prison camp? Plot details for the upcoming season are unknown, though this revelation could also point to a popular theory that the young man is developing powers thanks to his dabbling with the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer.

Having been lovingly referred to by his friend as "Will the Wise," is it possible that Will is slowly developing premonition powers, which allow him to tap into the future? With the Russians dabbling in the Upside Down, is it possible that the young hero can see the placements of who they associate with, or in this case, have captured?

There are a variety of conclusions that can be drawn from the drawing. Will developing powers could be an interesting arc for the character, as well as a key asset for the core team to get the beloved Hopper back.