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Lady Gaga And Liza Minnelli Shared A Touching Moment At A Tumultuous Oscars

The 2022 Academy Awards ceremony was nothing short of eventful and brought recognition to films like "Dune" and "CODA" for their cinematic works of art. "CODA" even took home an award for Best Picture and won an Oscar for all categories in which it was nominated. At the Oscars, it's customary for other celebrities to present the awards to the winners of each category.

Throughout the night, awards were presented by celebrities, including Jason Momoa, Shaun White, and Jacob Elordi. Each dressed to the nines and ready to announce the winner of the respective category. In addition, the final award of the evening, the Academy Award for Best Picture was presented by two very important individuals, the stunning Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga.

The pair entered the stage looking as lovely as ever and announced "CODA" the winner of Best Picture. However, a very subtle yet beautiful moment between the two occurred as well, and if you weren't watching closely, you might have missed it.

Lady Gaga tells Liza Minnelli 'I got you'

During the Academy Awards ceremony, Lady Gaga and show business legend Liza Minnelli presented the award for "Best Picture." Whilst entering the stage, Gaga took hold of Minnelli's hand and told her, "Do you see that? The public, they love you." During the presentation, while going through her notes, Minnelli said that she did not understand, to which Gaga replied to her, "I got it." Gaga went on to say, "You know, I love working with legends, and I'm honored to present the final award of the evening with a true show business legend."

Gaga has delivered impressive performances through her music and her acting with her roles in movies like 2021 "House of Gucci" and 2018 "A Star is Born" (via IMDb). Minnelli is a Hollywood icon with her parts in 1972 "Cabaret" and 1977 "New York, New York, New York." Minnelli is a stage performer and a lovely singer and has used her dancing and unique vocals everywhere, from Broadway's 1965 show "Flora the Red Menace" (via Broadway World) to the track "Mama," in which she sang with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way (via Song Facts).

Minnelli's love of performing has stayed with her throughout her entire life, and she has a long line of credits to her name in every corner of the acting and musical worlds. The amount of care and respect Minnelli receives from other faces in Hollywood, like Lady Gaga, is a testament to her impact on multiple generations of entertainers and audience members.