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The Jack Moment That Went Too Far On Curse Of Oak Island

Driving each episode of History reality series "The Curse of Oak Island" are a number of intertwined quasi-conspiracy theories alleging that valuable treasures are hidden somewhere on the island mentioned in its title. Brothers and hosts Rick and Marty Lagina started the show in order to purportedly put to rest any and all suggestions that valuables are buried on Oak Island. The duo, alongside a team of experts, have therefore investigated promising locations or potential treasures weekly over the course of the series' eight seasons and counting.

While this premise has managed to sustain a run of more than 150 episodes, some viewers have recounted growing tired of oft-repeated behaviors and alleged missteps from its main crew. For example, in the midst of Season 9, a number of fans began to express their frustration over the fact that the show's hosts appeared to be feigning enthusiasm over diminishing returns, presumably for the sake of prolonging their series despite not unearthing anything of interest.

Jack Begley is a regularly featured member of the "Curse of Oak Island" team, often responsible for the hard labor necessary to investigate dig sites or buried treasures. Like his fellow cast members, Jack is the subject of his fair share of criticism from the "Curse of Oak Island" fan base, particularly in this Season 6 scene many viewers felt went too far, perhaps indicative of a larger, negative trend.

Viewers are skeptical of Jack's use of a fire hose to clean up artifacts

Season 6, Episode 14 of "The Curse of Oak Island" features arguably one of Jack's most blatant misuses of a firehose — among many — from throughout the series' history. A semi-satirical recap on Reddit recounted how midway through the episode, "Jack is again carefully cleaning off dirt from the spoils with a 300PSI fire hose," which includes paper documents and possibly other fragile artifacts.

This speaks to a recurring point of frustration among the "Curse of Oak Island" fan base referenced in plenty of additional critical discussions of the show online. For example, in another Reddit thread about a wash plant the series once utilized, commenter sjwilkinson complained that it was replaced by "Jack with his 1200 psi water hose blowing up every g***** piece of paper he can find."

In yet another another Reddit thread, titled "Pressure washing," the original poster asked "if other people cringe when they see Jack pressure washing rocks with a firehose." User bipolarcyclops jokingly replied, "When I recently pressure washed my personal copy of Shakespeare's plays they came out all nice and clean."

So, by the time Jack brought out his high-powered hose in Season 6, Episode 14, not only was he risking damage to the very artifacts he was tasked with preserving, but continuing a tendency that had, by that point, already begun to get under the skin of numerous "Curse of Oak Island" viewers.