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The Problem Some Construction Experts Have With The Curse Of Oak Island

It's safe to say that History's "The Curse of Oak Island" has received plenty of criticism during its 9 seasons on the air, most often due to the inherently frustrating nature of the show's premise. The series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they search for a mythical treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere on the titular Oak Island, a small landmass that rests just off the coast of Nova Scotia. Considering the fact that the riches of Oak Island have eluded would-be treasure hunters for over 200 years, it should be expected that "The Curse of Oak Island" will hit its fair share of obstacles — though that doesn't mean it's any easier to watch the Laginas come up empty-handed each season.

Over the years, fans have been remarkably critical of the series for a variety of reasons. Some fans are skeptical of the series' legitimacy and have taken issue with the multitude of assumptions, unfounded theories, and speculation that the show seems to use as a basis for its premise. Others have even gone so far as to criticize the series' excavation methods, specifically regarding what they see as an apparent disregard for construction safety protocols.

Some Curse of Oak Island fans are worried about the show's apparent approach to safety protocols

Reddit user u/FireBuilder86 recently took to the internet to assert their frustration about what they view as a staggering amount of safety issues and lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on "The Cuse of Oak Island." The user explained that they have had experience working on several "heavy civil construction" projects in the past, and that they find the series' apparent lack of safety regulations to be incredibly frustrating. "It's not that hard to throw on some high-vis and a hard hat if you are working around heavy equipment," u/FireBuilder86 explained. "I haven't been on a job site in the past 15 years or so where high-vis wasn't mandatory ... I've also seen guys get fired for wearing a hard hat over a baseball cap."

Other users chimed in to express their agreement, though many seemed convinced that the lack of safety regulations is a result of the show being a reality TV series. "It's a tv show – they aren't going to ever start wearing clothing that blocks their faces/bodies from the camera," explained u/BudtendersStash. "But, it's pretty crazy to watch them all run underneath the digger while it's operating. If Billy doesn't know where everyone is at every second..."

And while there were those who weighed in on the safety issues, there were also fans like u/MacGalempsy, who replied, "Thank you for trying to make sense of a show [where] most things don't make sense."

Reality TV or not, one can only hope that next season, the team takes the necessary measures to keep everyone safe, and avoid any possibility of an accident befalling one of the cast or crew of "The Curse of Oak Island."