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This Is Who Played Bailey In Finding Dory

In the era of reboots, it was only a matter of time before Disney and Pixar's aquatic classic "Finding Nemo" swam back into theaters. Accordingly, in 2016 a reboot was released, but it was not focused on either clownfish from the original movie. Rather than be centered on Nemo (Hayden Rolence) or Marlin (Albert Brooks), "Finding Dory" placed Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) in the driver's seat. Everyone's favorite blue tang fish with short term memory loss got to be the star — or starfish — of her very own movie.

In "Finding Dory," Dory finds herself on a quest to Morro Bay, California after having a memory — something very rare for the ditzy fish. Shocked by the unusual occurrence, Dory is eager to seek it out and discover what exactly this memory is. She eventually finds herself at an aquarium making many new friends along the way. Dory's new companions are voiced by some very recognizable voices such as Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Bill Hader, Sigourney Weaver, and Kate McKinnon. However, the voice behind Dory's new best friend Bailey might surprise some fans. Here's who played Bailey in "Finding Dory."

Bailey is voiced by Ty Burrell

Bailey is a beluga whale who Dory befriends in the film. Bailey's voice might sound familiar to viewers as he is voiced by Ty Burrell. The actor has starred in numerous projects, most famously as Phil Dunphy in "Modern Family." According to IMDb, the actor got his start with smaller roles in films such as 2001's "Evolution" and "Black Hawk Down." He then continued to land movie roles in the likes of "Dawn of the Dead" and "The Incredible Hulk," before landing his breakout role in 2009 on "Modern Family." From there he loaned his talents over to other projects here and there, but stayed most active working on "Modern Family." "Finding Dory is not his first animated work, he also voiced Mr. Peabody in "Mr. Peabody & Sherman."

Burrell was more than delighted to voice Bailey in "Finding Dory." In an ABC News interview, he explained his excitement in joining the project describing his initial reaction saying, "I answered, 'Yes, I'll do it. Who is this?'" Burrell also discusses a part of his attraction to the new film as well as "Finding Nemo" saying that "Finding Nemo established that idea that, "You kind of make your family out of the people around you and who you love." He lastly shared a quick anecdote on voicing the character of Bailey describing how he originally tried to give the whale a nasal voice, only to be humorously told by the directors to just use his regular voice. He explained his thought process saying, "You know, there's a bulbous head. And I thought that looks like something that would sound congested. So I came in with a congested voice."