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The Simon Scene That Went Too Far On Bridgerton Season 1

Like other romantic figures like Mr. Rochester in "Jane Eyre" and the iconic Darcy in "Pride & Prejudice," "Bridgerton" aristocrat Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) is a rather complicated character with a traumatic past. As a child, Simon was rejected by his hateful father (Richard Pepple) because he stammered, and later vows to never sire an heir to spite the man on his deathbed. An adult Simon, now the Duke of Hastings, is quickly one of the most eligible bachelors in London but has not yet married.

Simon at first enters into an agreement with Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dyvenor) so they can "court" and stave off pressure for betrothal from their respective families. Yet as any romance fan may imagine, the two of them fall in love despite Prince Frederick of Prussia's (Freddie Stroma) attention to Daphne. Simon lies to Daphne that he can't provide her with children, which she accepts, and they eventually marry in "The Duke and I." However, Daphne learns that Simon didn't tell the full truth, creating conflict within the marriage.

Simon is certainly a more tortured character than other figures in the Netflix series, but this is the one scene with the Duke that crossed the line for viewers.

Simon wouldn't marry Daphne even when her honor depended on it

Arguably Simon's greatest sin in Season 1 of "Bridgerton" is telling Daphne that he can't have children when in fact he won't have them, but the couple are still able to repair the damage this causes to their marriage. His single most awful moment in the series actually comes early on in "An Affair of Honor."

After Daphne is unable to accept Frederick's proposal, she and Simon passionately kiss in the garden. Daphne's brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) discovers them and demands that Simon marry her to protect Daphne's honor. Simon, however, refuses, even being willing to fight a duel with Anthony over the matter.

Even if Simon does love Daphne, this is still a really awful thing to do to her. Daphne could be scandalized and unable to marry because of their kiss. u/jacywrites on the show's subreddit accurately posted that Simon "does know this will sully the reputation of this woman he ADORES. But his hatred of his Dad is more important." Simon does marry Daphne eventually, but it's an ugly moment that reveals how the Duke is committed to a childish vow above all other things.