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Who Will Marc Spector's Fourth Personality Be On Disney+'s Moon Knight?

Contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 1

Moon Knight is one of the darkest Marvel heroes, and the very first episode of his namesake Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe show makes it painfully clear that Oscar Isaac's character won't have it much easier in the MCU, either. "Moon Knight" Episode 1 is told nigh-exclusively from the viewpoint of Steven Grant, a mild-mannered low-level employee at the British Museum who experiences blackouts that cause him to wake up in strange locations. As the episode proceeds, it becomes clear that these lapses of consciousness are when another, more dangerous personality takes over: Marc Spector, a skilled mercenary who's Moon Knight's main personality in the comics. What's more, the final wham shot of the episode finally shows us the mysterious, white-clad Moon Knight, who seems to be very much his own thing.

Fortunately for the viewer but unfortunately for poor Steven, this is only the beginning. The credits repeatedly show the character splitting into multiple pieces, of which three are decidedly non-Moon Knight. Together with the character's long history in the comics, this heavily implies a fourth major personality that the viewers are yet to see. Who, then, is still missing from the picture?

The fourth personality might be Jake Lockley

Steven Grant is actually a curious choice for the personality "Moon Knight" introduces first, though when you think about it, it does make sense. In the comics, this personality is a hedonistic, but kind-hearted millionaire who's very much not a fighter, and who focuses on financing the personalities' Moon Knight endeavors. Playing up his non-violent nature, but turning him from a successful businessman to a neurotic, disheveled museum gift shop worker who's struggling to make sense of the situation makes for a fine introductory personality, and adds a cool layer of abject terror in the mix. 

In the comics, the Marc Spector personality is the original one, and since he and Moon Knight are responsible forrthe various off-screen moments of action hero awesomeness, it certainly seems that their roles will significantly increase in the future episodes of "Moon Knight." 

As for the fourth personality joining Marc, Steven, and Moon Knight in the future, what we know about the character's history leaves two reasonable choices. One of them is Mr. Knight, the masked figure in the white suit that's featured prominently in the show's character posters. However, it seems more likely that the fourth "official" personality will turn out to be Jake Lockley, a streetwise cab driver who deals with informants and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. 

Since "Moon Knight" has already introduced fans to Marc and Steven, it would be strange if the show wouldn't feature the character's third iconic "civilian" personality in some way. Still, when you look at how different the MCU version of the Steven personality is from the comics version, it's entirely possible that "Moon Knight's" take on the Jake identity will be wildly different from the one fans of the comics are familiar with.