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Fans React To Exciting New Footage From Marvel's Moon Knight Series

The next series from Disney+ and Marvel Studios is "Moon Knight," which will serve as the first MCU show of 2022. 2021 was a landmark year for fans of the MCU, as they were treated to four live-action series and one animated project — something we've never seen from Marvel Studios. This year will follow suit, with a handful of new series coming to Disney+, which connect to the larger ongoing story in Phase 4.

"Moon Knight" will kick things off, and the very mysterious project is about to become a whole lot more interesting with the drop of a new trailer on Monday, January 17. We got a little sneak peek of what's to come in the Oscar Isaac-led series during 2021's Disney+ Day. Now, we're getting a teaser for a teaser that features some new footage from the highly-anticipated show. In the clip which highlights the upcoming trailer, we got to see more of Isaac and even a glimpse at our villain played by Ethan Hawke. Fans of the MCU and Moon Knight have expressed their excitement and disappointment over the new footage on social media.

Fans are divided over the Moon Knight footage

The new "Moon Knight" footage was shared to the Disney+ Twitter feed and lasted for a whopping 15 seconds. We saw Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) tossing a Rubik's Cube in the air and a little glimpse of him in his full Moon Knight gear with glowing eyes. Ethan Hawke's mystery villain says, "There's chaos in you," and we get another shot of Moon Knight's iconic white robes slowly covering Marc's body. The end of the teaser saw the clip of Moon Knight beating up a lifeless body (which may not even be human) which we saw in the Disney+ footage.

Fans are eating all of this new, albeit small, footage up with a spoon. "Been looking forward to this more than anything," @madjacoby tweeted. "I AM NOT READY OKG THIS IS GONNA BE SO GOOD," user @poeskys added. A lot of chatter surrounded the mysterious body Moon Knight was beating up in the grimy bathroom. If the fans are right, it looks like this could be classic Marvel villain Anubis. "Moon Knight beating Anubis to pulp in the public restroom of London Museum is going to be the TV moment of the year," @laha_jeet wrote.

While many fans were excited about the new short clip, others were a little disappointed in what they saw. A topic that seemed to keep popping up was Moon Knight's outfit. "Do not like the costume magically manifesting. That's not MoonKnight. He's street level, melee weapons & occasional gadgets. Hope this is a developing look," @j_mo666 tweeted. "The glimpses of the outfit so far look pretty bad. Here's hoping it looks better in the actual show," @NHDem4Ever added.

For now, there is no specific release date for "Moon Knight," but we're hoping to get some clarity with the official trailer drop on Monday.