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The Best Find On American Pickers Season 16

Throughout the last 23 seasons of "American Pickers," professional treasure hunters Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby have found more than their fair share of unique items. And, although each and every episode of the popular History series features at least one cool find, some episodes are certainly more notable than others. According to IMDb, one of the highest-rated entries of the entire series is a Season 16 episode in which the pickers discover a one-of-a-kind video tape. 

In Season 16, Episode 2 ("Sgt. Picker's Lonely Hearts Club"), Mike and Frank travel to one of the country's last surviving drive-in theaters in Central Illinois. Here, they discover a 35mm film reel of the Beatles' first arrival in the United States. In the many years since this clip first hit American airwaves, it has been shared around the world numerous times, but Mike and Frank's discovery of a physical reel is notable for a very specific reason; The majority of its kind were destroyed by distributors decades ago. The item's rarity ultimately leads Mike to purchase it for a triple-digit price. 

However, this 35mm film reel is far from the only unique piece of the entertainment industry Mike and Frank stumble onto in Season 16. In fact, one of their most unique finds comes only two episodes later.

Mike and Frank purchased a mannequin that resembles Barbra Streisand

In "American Pickers" Season 16, Episode 4 ("Twin at All Costs") (via IMDb), Mike and Frank travel near New York City to peruse a collection of mannequins based on the likenesses of a slew of famous celebrities. In what the owner dubs his "morgue," Mike and Frank encounter more than a thousand mannequins designed after everyone from Cher to Kate Moss and Joan Collins to Twiggy.

Although Frank admits that the environment is "a bit creepy," the two are also eager to select at least one for purchase. After spending sometime looking over the creepy collection, Mike and Frank zero in on a damaged 1950s-era mannequin dressed as a flapper from the 1920s. Although it is not clear that this specific mannequin is actually based on a celebrity, the owner insists that she resembles Barbra Streisand. Despite a heavy amount of damage to the piece, Mike and Frank describe it as "really cool."

Somewhat surprisingly, the owner is actually quite eager to get rid of it and only asks Mike for $75 in return. Although Mike admits he's not sure there's much of a market for it, he decides to purchase it as a gift for Danielle Colby.