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The Chicago Fire Character Getting On Some Fans' Nerves

"Chicago Fire," not to be confused with the soccer club of the same name, is a hit television show that is currently in Season 10, and it follows a fictionalized fire department that consists of specialized members. Each member focuses on one particular aspect of firefighting, and may involve hydraulic ladders, pressurized water trucks, or heavy equipment meant for dangerous rescues. As such, there have been plenty of cast members on the hit series, with some leaving after a couple of seasons, others who have stuck around for the long haul, some who have even been promoted to positions of power within the fire department for their dedication and skill, and some new recruits meant to add fresh blood and a different perspective.

Considering the varying types of personalities and jobs on the show, fans are always talking about their favorite characters and what they like about them, and inversely, talking about the characters they do not care for and why. Recently, fans of "Chicago Fire" have come together to talk about one particular new character on the show, and it seems like fans aren't exactly keen on this addition to the cast.

Fans think that Gallo is annoying and immature

Being mentioned several times on both Reddit and Twitter, it appears as if fans aren't 100% behind Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende). Joining the cast during Season 8 in 2019 (via IMDb), Gallo is entirely brash, but utterly consumed by his need to be a great firefighter, so much so that he often breaks the rules or disobeys direct orders to do what he thinks is right. Reddit user Chloe_Vee7 started one thread, and said that they thought Gallo came in with a bang and appears to be some kind of super-firefighter, but they generally find the character to be boring and a tad bit reckless. Reddit user ciaragemmam agreed, and replied, "That's exactly it. Gallo would have killed someone by now, seeing him is so annoying." Reddit user BirdgirlLA also echoed this statement and added, "I hate almost all Gallo scenes. His face is annoying."

On a separate Reddit thread, user epr3176 complained that nobody should trust Gallo, and that he is entirely two-faced, acting friendly if he likes you, but totally sabotaging people when they earn his ire. Reddit user Awkward-Macaroon-819 also agreed, and stated, "I don't think he's evil or anything. He's immature. He lets his emotions win and needs to grow up and learn to handle things better." Fans even took to Twitter to complain, with @BonIrisch saying, "Can we please send Gallo to Antarctica and have him never come back? He's insufferable," to which Twitter user @KarenGu59948438 replied, "I used to think he was cute, but immature. Now I agree with you. He gets on my last nerve." It appears as if the only thing Gallo can do to win back fans is to grow as a human being, and to stop being so self-centered.