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The Best Family Dinner Scene In Blue Bloods Season 10

With over a decade of meals together on-screen, there is a bevy of great scenes for fans to choose from as the best Reagan family dinner on "Blue Bloods." Each scene combines the commentary on what is happening in the episode with the possibility for a warm moment between family — or a tense confrontation. In that way, it makes the entire thing feel real.

Whether you are in a great place with your family or not, each dinner scene feels like you are sitting around with your own relatives, arguing over politics, or debating life choices. Every meal is a flip of the coin to see if you will have a warm moment or the alternative.

Season 10 of "Blue Bloods" saw its fair share of storylines and scenes play out among the characters at the coveted Reagan table. There were tense moments, like when Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) discovers the D.A.'s office (and Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan) keeps a list of officers they consider unreliable. And there are warm moments, like when Frank invites an old friend (Treat Williams) to the dinner as their first outsider, just to prove the family isn't as perfect as others see them.

However, one scene stands above the rest as the best dinner scene.

The Reagans added to their ranks

The Season 10 finale brought a heavy (albeit beautiful) moment in the episode's final moments. From the very first episode, the Reagan family has dealt with the tragic death of the third Reagan son. Killed on the job off-screen, Joe was the implied lightning rod for Jamie (Will Estes) to join the ranks of the NYPD.

Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) got a match from a DNA test from an unknown person during a project at school. He began a search for the person and, in true Reagan fashion, completed the investigation by finding a long-lost relative. Sean introduced the relative to the family dinner scene as Joe Hill (Will Hochman), Joe Reagan's son. In the episode, he is 24 years old, making him Frank's oldest grandson. And to top it off, Joe also decided to take a job with the NYPD, as a detective in the Brooklyn North Firearms Investigation Unit.

The introduction brought the perfect mix of surprise, delight, and awkwardness with it. While the Reagans are taken aback by the revelation that their late brother had a child nobody knew about, they find themselves unsure of how to act as they stare at the spitting image of the man they grew up with. Jamie was the first to react, introducing himself. Then Joe ribbed Danny (Donnie Whalberg), showing he was a true Reagan. Finally, he shook hands with Frank, who instructed him to call him whatever he wanted, just not "sir."