Why Walking Dead Fans Think Daryl Is Secretly Up To Something

As the original series in the ever-expanding universe of AMC's "The Walking Dead" comes to an end, many of its longtime survivors have found themselves navigating uncharted territory. After battling the undead and witnessing the brutal collapses of countless groups, it would seem like moving into an idyllic community that mirrors pre-apocalyptic life would be a breath of fresh air.

However, nothing in the Commonwealth is quite what it appears to be. As these illusions of paradise begin to shatter for people like Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), many fans are questioning why Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) would willingly join the mysterious Commonwealth Army.

Daryl's involvement is particularly perplexing for fans given, well, everything about the rebellious character for the last 11 seasons. With the non-chronological timelines, though, fans don't have the full story as to why he joined — or how he winds up at odds with longtime ally Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).

Some fans of "The Walking Dead" have theorized that there's more to this surprising move than meets the eye.

Daryl Dixon knows better than to get comfortable

While fans were quick to condemn Daryl's decision to join the Commonwealth Army, not everyone is convinced that he's fully loyal to this new community. The official account for "The Walking Dead" tweeted a GIF of Daryl and General Mercer (Michael James Shaw) and asked, "Is Daryl finally enjoying Commonwealth life?"

"Daryl is Daryl. He's playing 4 dimensional chess (and still has an eye open looking for Rick)," answered @duckyjase. TWD's account replied to this comment to say that the fan is "not wrong."

Others pointed out that Daryl is just "playing the game" to provide safety and stability for his family — even if he doesn't trust the Commonwealth. "Daryl knows what's up. Watching. Waiting. Ready," replied @Maudetheseagull.

For the most part, fans agreed that Daryl is trying to get ahead of whatever comes next. "Enjoying? no. Playing the long game? yes. If they turn out ok, he is set up nice. If they aren't (which they aren't) then he has an inside track," tweeted @Sleepyingb.

Norman Reedus admits that he felt the same confusion that fans did upon learning that his nonconformist character was joining the Army. However, he teased that it will make sense in the end.