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TWD's Norman Reedus Agreed To Be An Enforcer Under One Condition

Contains spoilers for "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 10

The end of Season 11 Episode 9 of "The Walking Dead" — which served as the premiere of what can be considered Season 11B — reveals that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has become an Enforcer for the Commonwealth's army. The Commonwealth is a large city only just introduced at the end of Season 10, before becoming an increasingly major part of Season 11 as it progresses. Upon the revelation that the typically stoic Daryl accepted a military position in Season 11 Episode 9, a number of fans online shared that they were upset by this development.

Season 11 Episode 10, which aired on February 27, gave some insight into why Daryl took on such a role during his time in the Commonwealth. In short, Daryl was living in a dilapidated home soon after his arrival. His conscription into the Commonwealth army, however, allotted him some societal privilege that helped him immediately improve his living conditions.

In an interview published concurrently with Episode 10, Reedus shared some additional insight into why he was game for such a development for his character, revealing that the storyline's inclusion was contingent upon one condition in particular.

Norman Reedus had to feel sure Daryl would want to become an Enforcer

In a preview for "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 10 published by TV Insider just before the episode's airing, amidst a number of quotes from the series' cast and crew, Norman Reedus revealed what went into the decision behind-the-scenes to have Daryl join the Commonwealth army.

"It better be a good reason," Reedus said, of Daryl's rationale for accepting his Enforcer job. "When they first approached me about that [new arc] I was like, 'What are you talking about?' but my feelings towards doing that were kind of Daryl's feelings towards doing that. You'll find out why."

At first, then, Reedus felt similarly to viewers after Season 11 Episode 9 who were confused by Daryl's decision to join the Commonwealth army. That said, Reedus revealed that he got on board with the idea creatively only because he was provided with what he perceived to be sufficient rationale for Daryl to do such a thing. Viewers have since learned more about why Daryl made his choice in the following episode, shedding some light on the information Reedus received that warmed him to the storyline prior to accepting this new direction for his character.