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What Is The Song In The Boys Season 3 Trailer?

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his ragtag team of Supe killers are set to return in June when "The Boys" finally brings Season 3 to audiences. The show has become known for its seriously wild satire of superhero stories, as well as its unflinching willingness to explore the depraved and violent sides of these characters and the world they live in. With Season 3 right around the corner, the newly released teaser trailer for the upcoming batch of episodes promises an even more off-the-wall ride as at least one of The Boys seemingly gets superpowers of their own, and each member of The Seven is pushed to new extremes.

The possibility of one or more members of The Boys getting their own set of powers is consistent with the events of Garth Ennis' original run of comics upon which the Amazon Prime series is based, but it also will likely create even more problems for the characters as they continue their crusade against sociopathic Superman analog Homelander (Antony Starr) and Vought in the upcoming season. One curious thing to note about this first sneak peek at "The Boys" Season 3 is it actually features no dialogue whatsoever, which is interesting considering how much the characters on the show like to run their mouths at one another. Instead, the trailer for the upcoming season relies heavily on somber imagery and a unique song to accompany the visuals. 

What, exactly, is the name of the track that is playing? As it turns out: it's a song from one of the music industry's hottest bands.

An intense Imagine Dragons tracks plays over The Boys Season 3 teaser trailer

The song that accompanies the most recent trailer for "The Boys" Season 3 is "Bones" by Imagine Dragons (via YouTube). It is the latest single from the band, hitting the web only a couple of days before the trailer for "The Boys" and coinciding with their current Mercury Tour.

There seems to be some thematic weight to the use of this song in the trailer, as lyrics frequently reiterate the concept of "losing all control" and lead singer Dan Reynolds mentioning "magic in my bones." As the upcoming season will seemingly see Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) take Compound V to gain the powers necessary to stand up against Vought and the Supes, the inclusion of this song may indicate that the transformation may come with some dark implications for Butcher and his team.

This is not the first time that the band has tied its music to a major pop culture milestone. In fact, Imagine Dragons have provided music for numerous films, including "Passengers" and "Ralph Breaks the Internet." "The Boys" is merely the latest, and the use of this single arguably seems like a perfect fit for what the show is planning to bring to audiences when it eventually returns. Imagine Dragons' "Bones" combines in-your-face rock sensibilities with an ominous sense of dread and foreboding, which is a perfect mixture to tease "The Boys" Season 3.

The next season will finally debut on Amazon Prime Video later this year on June 3.