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The Fire Force Scene That Made Fans Fall In Love With Charon

The popular anime "Fire Force" is filled to the brim with interesting and downright awesome characters. Though, that's to be expected, as the original manga is from author Atsushi Ohkubo (via Anime News Network), the same man behind the incredibly popular "Soul Eater" series. 

But while "Soul Eater" takes advantage of the weapon-meister dynamic to form strong bonds between its main characters, "Fire Force" has no such system. Instead, "Fire Force" relies on good old-fashioned, normal interactions and backstories to sell all of its characters. In the end, however, that's all Ohkubo needs to make the story compelling. Of course, it also helps if the characters say and do things that are, well, totally badass.

When it comes to the "Fire Force" anime, few characters illustrate this better than Charon. As a second generation pyrokinetic working for the White-Clad, Charon's unique combat abilities make him an entertaining and impressive fighter to behold. As such, he has his fair share of awesome battle sequences, and it is one such scene that made fans fall completely in love with Charon's character.

Charon's explosive abilities make him a fan favorite

The scene in question occurs during the Fifth Pillar arc in Season 2, when Charon first comes face to face with the series' protagonist, Shinra, while trying to kidnap Inca. Despite the fact that only third generation pyrokinetics, like Shinra, can create their own fire, Charon (a second generation pyrokinetic) ends up being a match for the young Fire Force soldier, snatching him from the sky and slamming him through multiple walls. The display of fighting ability and agility is easily one of the most impressive in the series. At least, that's how fans on Reddit felt after seeing the scene.

"He's so badass! I didn't expect to like him this much!" wrote u/Alliru. "Yeah same here I thought it was going to take Burns or another captain to beat charon at first lol," replied the original creator of the Reddit thread, u/TheOtherSide210. "Every time Charon fights, the standard for peak shonen fighting goes up by a notch or three," wrote another user, u/Solomon_Rahkriid. Another fan, u/GreenWolf717, explained that he "became a Charon fan after watching this fight, such a cool moment!"

Of course, a good amount of the credit should go to the animators of "Fire Force," who manage to breathe life into Charon's exceptional fighting abilities. While it may seem shallow for fans to love a character simply because he acts cool, Charon proves that, in some cases, such things are all one really needs to make a character compelling.