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The Best Fire Force Characters Ranked

With two anime seasons and over 30 volumes of manga, "Fire Force" has been an immensely popular series since its release in 2015. It is written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo and is (per Anime News Network) set to be his final manga after the final two volumes are released. In this world of the far flung future, humanity has barely escaped the apocalypse known as The Great Cataclysm. During this event, the world was set on fire and many nations were wiped out. In the aftermath, there are few places hospitable to humanity. One of these is the Tokyo Empire, which remained relatively stable throughout the disaster despite suffering losses of life and land.

Following The Great Cataclysm, Tokyo Emperor Raffles I established the faith of the Holy Sol Temple. This temple, in conjunction with Haijima Industries, have developed the immensely powerful Amaterasu power plant which sustains the country. Despite this era of peace, there are rogue agents that would see The Great Cataclysm return and humanity returned to ash. As such, eight companies of firefighters work to combat these forces of evil and the supernatural monsters that plague the country. On both sides of this battle are compelling characters whose power is only rivaled by a few.

14. Vulcan

Vulcan Joseph acts as the engineer for Special Fire Force Company 8. His nickname is the God of Fire and Smithing. He is reluctant to join the company and had to be persuaded by Shinra, Arthur, and Iris. Even then, it is only after being attacked by the White Clad Giovanni does Vulcan choose to give up his independent status and sign on with Company 8. It was this very same Giovanni that was behind Vulcan's father and grandfather turning into Infernals. This resulted in the young boy distrusting Giovanni, his company Haijima, and Fire Forces in general.

Vulcan is fiercely loyal to his comrades in Company 8. He has a deep rooted love for animals and wants to restore the natural balance of the world so that they may replenish their endangered populations. Upon joining Company 8, Vulcan puts his tremendous technical knowledge to work. He not only maintains the company's equipment, but also develops new technology to aid the heroes in their many struggles against Infernals and the White Clad. Though he can be stubborn and was reluctant to join, he has proven to be an invaluable ally that has saved the members of Company 8 several times over since joining.

13. Haumea

Haumea is an extremely powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic and member of the White Clad. Like Shinra, she possesses the potent Adolla Burst and has been identified as the Second Pillar. Since becoming a member of the White Clad at an extremely young age, Haumea has been at the center of several major story arcs and is one of the most powerful characters in "Fire Force." She, along with her partner Charon, were responsible for the abduction of Shinra's brother Sho and transformation of their mother into an Infernal Demon. From there, she has only furthered the goals of the organization in seeking another Great Cataclysm.

It is likely that Haumea was driven mad by her powers due to them tapping her into humanity's collective unconscious. Over the years of hearing humanity's deepest and darkest desires, something inside the young woman snapped. To cope, she has developed a sadistic personality and takes great joy in harming others. Through the use of her electrical powers, she is able to hold her own against multiple opponents, including some of the best in Company 8. While a more recent addition to the anime, her role in the manga has only continued to grow along with her power.

12. Iris

Iris serves as a sister of the Holy Sol Temple in service to Company 8. Though she does not realize it, Iris is a tremendously powerful Third Generation and one of the Eight Pillars. Despite her shy nature, Iris finds strength through her faith and will go to great lengths to help her friends and teammates. As the Sister of Company 8, Iris' duties are to provide prayers for the Infernals the company is tasked with vanquishing. These prayers are believed to allow Infernals to pass to the next life peacefully.

Iris demonstrates a great deal of maturity for one so young. Though she has suffered much in her brief life, she is more than willing to repeatedly put her life on the line to aid her friends in the line of duty. Her kindness and devotion serve as inspiration, so much so that she takes Tamaki Kotatsu, a member on loan from Company 1, under her wing and begins to train her as a Sister. When first introduced to the series, she appears naïve and destined to be the love interest for Shinra. However, as time goes on, she matures a great deal and comes into her own.

11. Arthur

Arthur Boyle is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who joins Company 8 at the same time as Shinra. Arthur is unusual in that he truly believes himself to be a knight. It is explained that this is a result of the stories his parents would tell him before ultimately abandoning him. Since then, Arthur's delusions — which are likely a coping mechanism for his traumatic upbringing –  have only grown. Despite this, Arthur's knightly qualities serve him well in Company 8. Though he may bicker with his counterpart, Shinra, over virtually anything, the 2 of them make a formidable team. In fact, it is the unlikely friendship that saves the 2 of them when things look the most dire.

Using his pyrokinetic abilities, Arthur is able to channel his flames into a plasma blade he calls Excalibur. Like many others in the series, Arthur grows in terms of maturity and power. Towards the back half of the series, he is able to go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful villains to grace the pages. Though he might not be the brightest, he is certainly one of the bravest to serve in the kingdom that is Company 8's domain.

10. Takehisa Hinawa

The Lieutenant of Fire Force Company 8 is an intense and terrifying man. Even though he is a Second Generation pyrokinetic, it is his intimidating behavior that keeps the antics of Shinra and the rest of Company 8 in check. Takehisa has been with Captain Obi since the formation of Fire Force Company 8. Though he appears to be cold and lacking empathy, Takehisa actually cares a great deal for those in his charge. This empathy extends to the Infernals the Company is tasked with dispatching. In fact, Company 8 was founded on the principle of showing care and respect to Infernals and their surviving family members.

As a Second Gen, Takehisa manipulates his flames through the use of firearms in combat. He is able to adjust the speed of a bullet as well as the trajectory by modifying the propellent inside the shell. His unique abilities provide covering fire and long range support for his teammates where many others' powers focus on melee combat. Takehisa is well-trained in many different types of firearms but prefers to use a pistol that was given to him by a friend while in the military. Through his unique combat abilities and strict leadership, the Lieutenant shapes the strong backbone of Company 8.

9. Princess Hibana

Hibana, or Princess Hibana, is a Third Generation pyrokinetic and Captain of Fire Force Company 5. Though she initially appears as a rival to Company 8, and is sadistic in her treatment of Infernals and subordinates alike, Hibana does have a good heart. She grew up in the Holy Sol Temple alongside Sister Iris. As a child, she would use her powers to create beautiful art out of flames to delight the other children that lived there. After a tragic fire broke out at the temple and took the lives of everyone but Hibana and Iris, Hibana lost her faith and turned to science. Her zealous research into Infernals led her to attaining high-ranking positions within Haijima Industries and the Fire Force. 

It was her encounter with Company 8 and Shinra in particular that caused her to turn over a new leaf. After their battle, Hibana appeared to revert back to the kinder personality of her childhood. She would go on to work personally with Company 8 in their mission of uncovering the cause behind the recent uptick in Infernal appearances. Rather than be motivated by vengeance and hate, Hibana was able to channel her genius intellect, tactical prowess, and charms into uncovering those behind the dastardly plot.

8. Leonard Burns

Captain Leonard Burns is a tremendously powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic and the Captain of Fire Force Company 1. Leonard Burns is a devout follower of the Holy Sol Temple, as evidenced by his high position within the company most closely affiliated with the church. Early on in the series, it is revealed that it was Company 1 that responded to the Infernal incident that claimed Shinra's mother and brother when he was young. Like many others that Shinra and retinue encounter over the course of their investigation, Burns becomes a person of interest and it is believed he is harboring secrets.

This is partly true, but for reasons Shinra and his colleagues wouldn't expect. Burns is a very stoic person who believes that emotion shouldn't play a part in being a member of the Fire Force. Contributing to his tough and stoic demeanor is a reputation for being stubborn and pursuing something until he accomplishes it. Despite these arguably problematic qualities, Burns is well-regarded and respected by his team at Company 1. He shows a great deal of care for both those on his company and those under his watch. Like so many others that Company 8 encounters, Burns becomes a powerful ally in their quest to uncover the truth about the rise in Infernals.

7. Joker

Joker is the first of many controversial characters that Shinra and Company 8 encounter during the course of their investigations into Infernals. Company 8 runs into Joker several times, with each meeting putting the lives of the Company or others at risk. In a rather cruel fashion, reflecting on his own upbringing and training, Joker has been training Shinra and pushing him to grow stronger through their encounters. When Shinra has reached a new "level," Joker rewards the young Fire Force Soldier with a piece of new information. The first tantalizing secret is that Shinra's younger brother, Sho, is actually alive.

Joker, like many others in "Fire Force," is an extremely gifted pyrokinetic. Though it is never explicitly stated what generation he is, it can be speculated that he is a Third Generation because of his ability to produce flames with his fingers. But Joker's abilities aren't limited to pyrokinetics. He is an extremely prodigious hand-to-hand combatant and possesses phenomenal speed that allows him to keep up with the likes of Shinra and his fire-powered kicks. Throw in a variety of gadgets and chemical compounds courtesy of the scientist Viktor Licht, and Joker is a threat to be reckoned with.

6. Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon, the unusual Captain of Fire Force Company 7, is a hybrid Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic. In an equally unusual take for the series, Benimaru isn't introduced as a potential villain for Shinra and Company 8. Instead, Shinra and Arthur are sent to train under the Captain of Company 7 due to his legendary battle prowess. He possesses superhuman levels of speed, endurance, and strength. As such, he is able to pummel both Shinra and Arthur for hours at a time. Due to his possession of Second and Third Generation abilities, Benimaru has a mastery of nearly all forms of combat. This is what makes him the perfect teacher for the unlikely duo from Company 8.

Benimaru is an odd character in that despite his "selfish" nature and lack of respect for authority, he is beloved by Company 7 and the residents of Asakusa. He is shown to genuinely care about the people he protects and shows remorse at having to put those turned Infernal to rest. On more than one occasion, he and Company 7 are shown to repair the damage to the town from their previous encounter with an Infernal. Between his combat abilities and the care he shows for those around him, Benimaru is the epitome of a hero.

5. Maki Oze

Maki Oze is a Second Generation pyrokinetic and serves as the Unit Leader in Company 8. Known as the Fire Witch, Maki Oze is the tough but romantic heart of Company 8. She was the 3rd member to join the force, after being personally recommended by Takehisa. In her previous life, Maki served with Takehisa in the Tokyo Army. Due to her father being her Sergeant, Maki worked harder than any other cadet to prove herself. Despite family ties, Maki left the military, as she felt she could do more good working with Captain Obi and Lieutenant Takehisa at Company 8.

Despite being a Second Generation, Maki is a devastating combatant. Early on in their training, Arthur and Shinra failed to lay a hand on the Fire Witch and were promptly shut down. As the series progresses, she is shown to hold her own against other ferocious foes such as Infernals and the White Clad. Her unique abilities allow her to extinguish and absorb flames, and thus she can have a severe impact on other pyrokinetics' abilities. Once Vulcan joined Company 8, he crafted a pair of weapons for Maki that she can control with summoned fire spirits. With her joyful personality and toughness backing them, there's not much that Company 8 can't overcome.

4. Viktor Licht

Viktor Licht is one of the very few non-pyrokinetics to feature prominently in "Fire Force." He is the head of incendiary research at Haijima Industries and the scientist of Company 8. Much like his partner, Joker, Viktor values the truth above all else. As such, he is willing to go further than one arguably should in the pursuit of answers and has switched "sides" on more than one occasion for this quest of knowledge. This has led many to question his loyalty and his true intentions. However, regardless of missteps, he has remained an ally of Company 8 since enlisting.

As a self-described "weirdo," Viktor is an odd egg, but a valuable ally nonetheless. He proved his usefulness by tracking down the secret lair of the White Clad and was instrumental in aiding Joker several times. This in turn indirectly benefited Shinra and Company 8 in their ongoing battle against the White Clad. In a world where it seems that everyone and their brother has super powers, having a character like Viktor can provide an avatar for the viewer to experience the world. While he might not be entirely relatable, it's still easier to step into his shoes than those of Shinra, whose literal fire feet burn off every pair.

3. Akitaru Obi

Captain Akitaru Obi is the non-powered Captain of Fire Force Company 8. It is because of his tremendous courage and refusal to let his teammates down that he stands toe-to-toe with Infernals and other super-powered individuals. He has a strong sense of compassion and justice, which is what initially led to the forming of Company 8 with Lieutenant Takehisa. Captain Obi believes that killing an Infernal is still murder, as the individual was once human. As such, he tackles each incident with a great deal of respect for both the Infernal and their surviving family members. 

To keep up with these supernatural threats, Captain Obi is frequently shown training and takes great pride in his physical prowess. In almost every instance where the team isn't battling for their lives, Captain Obi is shown working out in some form. Despite the very serious nature of his role and responsibilities, he is a lighthearted man who enjoys spending time and joking with his subordinates. Due to his strong sense of justice and moral character, even those that stand at odds with Company 8 can't deny the quality of his character.

2. Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe is the brother of Shinra Kusakabe, believed to be dead until recently. Due to being a Third and Fourth Generation hybrid pyrokinetic, Sho was abducted as an toddler by the White Clad. Now serving as the Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame, Sho is determined to bring about The Great Cataclysm and return the world to ash. Despite this, his brother Shinra believes that Sho can be rescued and the White Clad's brainwashing undone. This is a tricky proposition, as Sho has virtually no memory of his life before being abducted.

Sho is arguably one of most powerful characters in "Fire Force," and possible the most powerful. This is due to his Fourth Generation ability called Severed Universe. Once used, Sho can actually slow the flow of time for everyone but himself. This, combined with his Third Generation abilities and martial prowess, makes Sho an extremely deadly foe. He is able to effectively shut down several opponents, including his prodigious brother, with ease. Using the ability too much freezes Sho's body, though, so he is reluctant to use it too often. Still, he is one of the most powerful opponents that Company 8 has faced.

1. Shinra Kusakabe

The indisputable hero of "Fire Force" is Shinra Kusakabe. After a tragic incident involving his powers left him as (supposedly) the only survivor in his family, Shinra enlisted in the Special Fire Force. As a child, he always wanted to be a hero — a dream became a reality. He is called a Devil because of the smile that typically adorns his face, but this seemingly malicious grin isn't one borne from evil. Instead, it is the result of a nervous condition when he becomes stressed, anxious, angered, or otherwise uncomfortable. As he becomes more comfortable with those around him and his own abilities, the smile appears less frequently.

Shinra is thrust into his destiny at a young age and plays an integral part in determining the fate of the world. He, like many others in "Fire Force," is an extremely gifted pyrokinetic. His particular ability appears as flames that burst from the soles of his feet. These allow his to travel at supersonic speeds and deliver punishing flame-powered blows. Shinra is a brash fighter who tends to rush into fights without thinking. This gets him into trouble more often than not, but his indomitable will and sense of justice almost always see him prevail. He is a flawed but engaging hero for a series where so many could have stolen the spotlight.