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The Wild Fan Theory That Connects The Worlds Of Fire Force And Soul Eater

Manga author Atsushi Okubo has always been on fire. Between the years of 2004 and 2014, he wowed readers (and later anime fans) with his breakout series, "Soul Eater," about a school of warrior-students known as meisters and their living weapons who help fight against the forces of darkness. It was an optimistic and inspiring tale that wasn't afraid to get dark whenever the villains had the upper hand, and it struck a chord with anime and manga fans. By 2019, the original manga had over 19 million copies in circulation (via Square Enix).

Eventually, however, Okubo moved on from the world of "Soul Eater." After his spinoff manga, "Soul Eater Not!" ended in 2014, he began work on a new project called "Fire Force." The characters in "Fire Force" are pyrokinetic warriors facing off against the crazed victims of spontaneous combustion known as Infernals, who are driven to destructive acts due to their anguish. Like "Soul Eater," "Fire Force" proved to be very successful, with its own anime adaptation and over 16 million copies in circulation. Nonetheless, fans are still sad that they might never see the world of "Soul Eater" again.

That is, assuming that certain fans aren't on the money when it comes to one wild fan theory. Originating from a popular thread on the official "Fire Force" subreddit, some fans have developed a theory that connects the two worlds. If true, it could recontextualize the entirety of both franchises. However, not every fan buys into it.

Fire Force might one day become Soul Eater

While the worlds of "Fire Force" and "Soul Eater" are very different, the two shows do share commonalities as fantasy works. Both take place in universes where the impossible is possible, and where human perception can alter reality. This, combined with certain things we know about the world of "Fire Force" has led some fans to believe that one must lead into the other.

"Adolla is a world of madness. Where the laws of physics are turned on their head and '[Looney Toons]' logic reigns supreme," wrote the original poster, u/Vahld. "Adolla fusing with the word of Fire Force leads to the world of Soul Eater being born. We keep seeing references to the world of Soul Eater pop-up in this world. Some can be passed off as gags or Easter eggs, but others are a bit more ingrained into the story."

Functionally, this sequence of events can make sense. Adolla, the separate realm from which the fires of Infernals, pyrokinetics, and the apocalyptic Great Cataclysm that preceded the show's events emerged. It's a mystical world where humanity's collective consciousness directly affects reality. If, as this fan theorizes, it managed to fuse with the main reality of "Fire Force," then the end result could be something akin to "Soul Eater."

This one theory proves to be true

When u/Vahld first proposed this theory two years ago, many fans were skeptical about the ties between the two franchises. Sure, they shared similarities, but that didn't necessarily make them the same. However, recent events in the manga have forced fans to accept that there is likely some truth to the theory.

"SPOILERS," wrote u/Unable-Diamond8771 in a comment made early in February 2021. "Aside from the moon, aside from Excalibur calling Arthur a fool, Shinra just went god mode via soul resonance, recreated the world, lessened the value of life AND LITERALLY CREATED SHINIGAMI-SAMA."

While it may not have happened exactly as the original poster described, it's clear that Atsushi Okubo intended for the two universes to be linked. Shinigami, also known as Lord Death, is one of the most important characters in the "Soul Eater" franchise. And, if he does exist in "Fire Force," that pretty much confirms that the two universes are one and the same. Though fans seem divided on whether or not it's a good thing, it is nice to know that the world of "Soul Eater" has not completely gone quiet, just yet.