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Deadpool 3 Just Landed A Big Name Director

It's been four long years since Ryan Reynolds last put on the red-and-black Deadpool suit to deliver the raunchy superhero comedy "Deadpool 2," but we are finally seeing some movement toward a third movie in the series. Over the past several years, as Disney finished its acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the "House of Mouse" became the owners of the Deadpool character. Consequently, some were initially concerned that a third movie would never be made, or that if it were, it would be watered down without the R-rating that gave the first pair of "Deadpool" movies the ability to be comically obscene with few limits. Disney is well-known for enforcing a kid-friendly policy on its biggest blockbusters, and many fans feared the wisecracking vigilante would be robbed of his foul mouth. Reynolds himself has recently shared those concerns publicly, although Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors in 2019 that "Deadpool" movies would remain R-rated (via Variety).

Nevertheless, "Deadpool 3" is moving forward after being stalled by Disney's Fox purchase and presumably by the past two years of a worldwide pandemic that threw the entertainment industry into an endless spiral of uncertainty. Whatever form the finished product takes, we now know crucial information about "Deadpool 3" with the addition of writers and a big-name director finally revealed.

Shawn Levy will direct Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds will return as the titular antihero in "Deadpool 3" with director Shawn Levy at the helm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair have previously worked together on both the 2021 sci-fi action movie "Free Guy" and the recently released "The Adam Project," a mind-bending time travel journey that's currently garnering rave reviews. Levy is currently in negotiations with Marvel and Disney to direct the third "Deadpool" movie, so while he hasn't booked the job yet, his continued working relationship with Reynolds suggests he's the likely pick.

Coming aboard as writers will be Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, a sibling duo known for bringing their sharp and unexpected comedic sensibilities to the hit Fox animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," as well as their more recent work as co-creators of "The Great North." The Molyneux sisters were among those to receive a Primetime Emmy Award for "Bob's Burgers" in 2018, and "Deadpool 3" will be their largest project to date.

With a talented team beginning to form like X-Men, it's finally looking like we'll be getting more exciting glimpses at "Deadpool 3" going forward. Anybody else getting hungry for chimichangas?