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52% Of Bridgerton Fans Agree This Is The Worst Character

On March 9, Netflix released its first full trailer for "Bridgerton" Season 2. Based on this extended look, it appears that the next batch of "Bridgerton" episodes will, approrpiately, offer more of what viewers enjoyed in its first season — namely, healthy doses of both romance and intrigue in a fanciful 1800s English setting. Furthermore, fans of the book series on which the show is based have identified a number of plotlines in particular that they're looking forward to seeing adapted to live action.

Thus far, "Bridgerton" has succeeded in part on the strength of its modern approach to time-tested ideas. Its costumes, for example, use period-appropriate clothing as their basis, but sport certain elements more understandable as luxurious to viewers today than they were signifiers of luxury at the time. Many of its characters, meanwhile, are similarly driven by a tension between behavior befitting of the show's historical time period and attitudes more relatable to modern viewers.

While this approach to characterization has helped make "Bridgerton" a big hit, an online poll determined that the majority of fans seem to share a certain degree of disdain for one character in particular.

Marina is the consensus least favorite character among Bridgerton fans

On the official "Bridgerton" subreddit, one user started a thread simply titled "Worst character?" inviting users to pick, from among six poll options, their least favorite character in the series. Far and away the consensus worst character among fans of the show, as determined by this poll, is Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker). She received a total of 275 votes, which accounts for approximately 52% of the total, and more than twice what Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) received in second place.

While this indicates that Marina is, without qualification, the least favorite character on the show among the sample size represented in this poll, the top comment in the thread is defending Marina, suggesting that those that disagree with this result feel strongly about their dissent. User BalsamicBasil, the comment's author, described Marina as "basically just trying to survive," and markedly less insidious than Anthony.

Fortunately for Marina's detractors, Barker has not been confirmed to be a part of Season 2. That said, in an interview with Express.co.uk, she teased the possibility of a comeback, meaning that viewers may simply have to tune into "Bridgerton" Season 2 upon its March 25 release for more insight into Marina's fate.