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Netflix Drops The Full Trailer For Bridgerton Season 2

Every so often, Netflix releases an utter phenomenon into the world. For 2021, it happened to be "Squid Game," where millions of people became enraptured with the story of people fighting for their lives in a twisted tournament involving children's games. On the complete opposite end of the entertainment spectrum, you have 2020's juggernaut — "Bridgerton."

Set against Regency-era London and narrated by the sharp-tongued Lady Whistledown, voiced by Julie Andrews, "Bridgerton" follows the titular family and the various siblings who comprise said family as they navigate the London hierarchy. They make friends and enemies alike as they set out to find love and wealth during a time when status is everything.

The show became a global hit. 82 million Netflix accounts tuned in to watch the series during its first four weeks, and it remains one of the most-watched shows in the streaming platform's history (via Fortune). A second season was all but a certainty, and now, we have a full trailer that gives us an inside glimpse into the second season of "Bridgerton."

It's proper to stare at this trailer

Scandal, romance, and corgis merge in the latest trailer for "Bridgerton" Season 2. The Bridgertons are all making their way around high society, finding love and wooing their respective partners. And, of course, there are plenty of steamy scenes that will have you waving a fan on yourself to cool yourself off. If the first season was any indication, Season 2 should have ample scenes that will want to make you take a cold shower after each episode.

From the comments on the trailer's YouTube page, it's clear fans can't wait for a single second longer to see more "Bridgerton." You'll find comments like "Takes a deep breath... Okay [let's] go" and "[It's] been ages. I [can't] wait anymore. Can we just leap to 25th now?!? Please please I'm so impatiently dying." When "Bridgerton" first came out, it was the most-watched show in Netflix's history until "Squid Game" came out. However, based on fan reaction so far, it could easily reclaim the top spot with the amount of hype the show's managed to build up over the last year.

"Bridgerton" Season 2 debuts on Netflix on March 25.