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Alligator Loki's Story Has Only Just Begun

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has fundamentally changed since the debut of "Loki" in 2021. Not only did the first season of the hit Disney+ series introduce the next MCU big bad in the form of Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors) and bring the Time Variance Authority into the equation, but it also showed a much more sympathetic side to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) than audiences had arguably ever seen before. Beyond that, however, the show also made a big move by introducing the new concept of multiverse variants to the MCU. This concept seems likely to continue as the multiverse becomes a more substantial factor in future shows and movies. The concept of variants ultimately played a massive role in the first season of "Loki," as various forms of the titular character appeared throughout the show. Some of these were portrayed by Hiddleston himself, and others were played by actors in surprising cameos, such as Richard E. Grant. Of course, there was perhaps the most popular variant of them all: Alligator Loki.

Alligator Loki quickly became a fan-favorite upon his debut on the Disney+ series, even with his relatively minor role on the show. With "Loki" Season 2 in the works, only time will tell if he shows up on the series again when "Loki" finally returns. That said, while there is currently no confirmation as to whether or not Alligator Loki will return to Disney+, it seems that Marvel is definitely continuing his story in an entirely different medium.

Alligator Loki is getting his own spinoff Marvel Comic

Following the introduction of the fan-favorite reptilian variant of Loki, Marvel Unlimited has announced that the character will enter the Marvel Comics canon. Specifically, Alligator Loki will receive his own comic on the digital platform. Released bi-weekly for a total of 12 issues, "Alligator Loki" will see Thor Odinson introduced to this variant version of his brother, only to find that all versions of Loki seem to have the same conniving characteristics.

The series is written by comic writer Alyssa Wong, with the accompanying artwork done by Robert Quinn. "Alligator Loki #1" has already debuted in the Infinity Comics format of the Marvel Unlimited platform. It brings readers into the comic as Thor chases Loki to The Rainbow Bridge, a.k.a The Bifrost. In his efforts to recover Loki after The Trickster God jumps into a portal, Thor accidentally brings back Alligator Loki — only to become fast friends with the scaly version of his brother. What follows is an entirely silent comic that sees The God of Thunder take his new companion to an amusement park as they become better acquainted with one another.

How exactly the story of the "Alligator Loki" comics will progress from here remains to be seen. As the comic seems to be continuing with the trend that the character cannot speak, it seems unlikely that he will chat much with Thor. New issues of "Alligator Loki" will be released to Marvel Unlimited every other Friday.