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One Of The Weirdest Futurama Episodes Ever According To Fans

The world of "Futurama" certainly is a weird one. The planet Earth is led by the severed head of Richard Nixon, the space pope is a lizard, and the New York of today is simply an archaic ruin located within the sewers, and populated by freakish mutants.

Everything about it is bizarre, and as such, the series' episodes have bizarre stories. There's a plot about remaking a 20th century TV show for an army of invading, entertainment-hungry aliens, and even a story about a delivery boy cloning their dead dog. However, not every episode is equally weird.

On Reddit, fans of the series got into a discussion regarding one of "Futurama's" undeniably odd installments. It's a deeply psychological episode compared to most of "Futurama," and fans found themselves touched by its emotional message and trippy sequence of events. Of course, the latter of these two have made the episode go down as one of the weirdest in the entirety of "Futurama." 

Why is The Sting so weird?

To make a long story short, "The Sting" is weird because throughout the episode, Leela's perception of reality becomes increasingly warped until events no longer seem to make sense. After Fry sacrifices himself to protect Leela from the sting of a space bee, she begins having guilt-ridden dreams about him. Some of these lead her to believe that he is somehow still alive, and all of them urge her to "wake up." Eventually, reality falls almost completely apart for Leela, and the line between her dreams and reality becomes muddled.

"The 'wake up thing' makes me feel something... something weird and disturbing," said Reddit user u/Swiss_Sanchez.

Unable to make sense of her surroundings or get over Fry's death, Leela attempts suicide-by-space honey before Fry's voice urges her to wake up one final time. She does so, awaking in a hospital bed where it is revealed that she had taken the brunt of the bee venom after being stung. Fry had survived with only the loss of his spleen, and spent two weeks by the comatose Leela's side begging her to wake up. The episode ends with the two sharing an embrace. Most of what viewers had seen until that point consisted of Leela's mid-coma fever dreams. This, of course, left fans bewildered, but nonetheless touched.

"I would never guess the ending of this episode," wrote u/n3ko_chan. "So for me it was a great plot twist. And their relationship there is sooo cute."

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