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The Most Terrifying Version Of The Hulk You've Never Seen

Their tagline says it all — the Avengers truly are Earth's mightiest heroes, and the Hulk might just be the mightiest. With his gamma-enhanced strength, speed, and durability, there's very little that can stop him, save for gods like Thor. The only problem is that Bruce Banner can barely control his greener half, and that means that sometimes the Hulk's strength does more harm than good. As such, people tend to fear Hulk more than other Avengers. However, the version of the Hulk that we see in most media, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is probably the one you should fear the least.

Even in the main Marvel timeline, there are multiple versions of Hulk that exist in Banner's psyche. Each split personality he possesses can manifest as a different Hulk with different abilities, and when you account for all the alternate-universe versions of Banner, that's a lot of different Hulks. But the most terrifying version of the Hulk that you've never seen isn't in some far off reality. He's right here, in the main Marvel timeline.

There are plenty of Hulks to be afraid of

There are dozens upon dozens of Hulk personas locked within Bruce Banner's mind and there are even more spread across the Multiverse, so it's no surprise that there's more than one evil Hulk out there who would have us all quaking in our boots. One of the most popular examples of this is the Maestro, a version of Hulk from a potential future in which he kills all the Avengers and takes over the planet (via Marvel Database). Thankfully, the Maestro is undone by the present-Hulk due to some time-traveling shenanigans.

There's also the Hulk from the original "Old Man Logan" comic — a deranged version of Bruce who runs a "Hulk Gang" composed of his own inbred offspring. On top of that, he's a cannibal who tries (and thankfully fails) to swallow Wolverine whole. Few things might seem scarier than getting eaten alive. However, even this cannibalistic version of Banner is nothing compared to the existential dread of the Breaker of Worlds.

The Breaker of Worlds is terrifying on the universal scale

Not to be confused with the Worldbreaker Hulk from the "Planet Hulk" storyline, the Breaker of Worlds is a Hulk that is introduced in the more recent "Immortal Hulk" run. In a series that infuses many elements of horror into the Hulk's character, the Breaker of Worlds sits at the top of a very long list of Hulks who should inspire fear in others.

Shown to us in a vision of another potential future, the Breaker of Worlds is what happens when the One Below All (basically a super powerful devil figure of the entire Multiverse) breaks free of its home in the lowest regions of creation and enacts its plan to kill all life in the universe. After destroying Bruce Banner's soul and taking control of his body, the One Below All begins cleansing the universe of life. Its Hulk form becomes known as the Breaker of Worlds, and it eliminates beings such as Galactus with little difficulty. Eventually, it succeeds in destroying everything, and at the end of time, it comes face to face with Eternity, the sentience of the universe.

Eternity is poised to begin the universe anew once more, but he is stopped short by the One Below All. Quickly transforming from "Bruce" into the Hulk, the One Below All grabs Eternity and swallows him whole, finally becoming the only being left in existence. Destroying reality as we know it, it's safe to say that the Breaker of Worlds is the most terrifying version of the Hulk around.