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10 Most Popular Sonic The Hedgehog Characters Ranked

If a video game is successful enough, it's only a matter of time before it's made into a movie. In 2020, the video game series "Sonic the Hedgehog" got the big-screen treatment with the arrival of its eponymous film. Though not all of the video game characters made their way to the theater, two of the most popular characters are featured, and some perfectly splendid human newcomers also made their debut.

To the surprise of no one, Sonic (Ben Schwartz) and Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) grace "Sonic the Hedgehog" with their presence. But a beloved fan favorite also made an appearance in the film, though you'll have to wait until a post-movie scene to view the character's arrival. And although we expect Knuckles, another Sonic staple, to join the party in the second film, his introduction will have to wait. Elsewhere, Longclaw (Donna Jay Fulks) is featured at the beginning of the film, but the appearance is so short-lived that audience members might forget the caretaker's presence. There's also Jojo (Melody Nosipho Niemann) — the daughter of Rachel (Natasha Rothwell) — who gifts Sonic with his trademark shoes in one of the more heartwarming scenes of the film. Finally, Commander Walters (Tom Butler) is also in "Sonic the Hedgehog" and orders Robotnik to investigate Sonic's arrival, resulting in mostly family-friendly chaos.

Ultimately, ranking the characters in this movie is subjective as they all have their strengths and weaknesses. With that said, we did our best to rank the 10 most popular characters in "Sonic the Hedgehog," from least popular to most popular.

10. Rachel

There are plenty of aspects to love –– and hate –– about "Sonic the Hedgehog." Rachel, for better or worse, might have gotten plenty of screen time, but she's unreasonably hateful toward Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), who's married to Rachel's sister, Maddie Wachowski (Tika Sumpter).

In one scene, Rachel even suggests Maddie and Tom divorce, which is, quite frankly, none of her business –– and crossing the familial line for good measure. And Rachel does all of this Tom bashing even though he is virtually the most kindhearted person in fictional Green Hills, Montana. He also appears to treat Rachel's sister with love, respect, and compassion. In Rachel's defense, Tom eventually sides with a blue alien and becomes a fugitive in the process, but she despised Tom long before those events occurred. As the mother of the sweet Jojo, there's potential for Rachel –– we just hope we see it in the second chapter.

9. Major Bennington

Major Bennington (Neal McDonough) has two major things going for him: he's played by McDonough, and he hates the main villain of the movie, Robotnik. With that said, he's also tasked with helping Robotnik take down Sonic, a losing battle since the movie is, naturally, named after the titular character. Plus, Robotnik is a power-hungry villain who doesn't stand a chance against Sonic and Co.

Major Bennington is sent to Green Hills after a power outage took over the Pacific Northwest. Though he seemingly has higher clearance than Robotnik, he bends the knee and lets Robotnik take over –– despite Robotnik making fun of him in front of his subordinates. Nevertheless, Major Bennington earns brownie points for not liking Robotnik. Neither here nor there, he also manages to keep a straight face when a mustache-twirling Jim Carrey is insulting him. As they say, he's also just doing his job –– and if a being knocked out the power in the Pacific Northwest in the real world, said being would be the enemy.

8. Agent Stone

Though "Sonic the Hedgehog" pits its main characters against government officials (and whatever Robotnik is), most of these government officials are just following orders, and they have every reason to question an extraterrestrial coming to their planet and wiping out the power grid. And that brings us to Agent Stone (Lee Majdoub), a government agent who just so happens to follow Robotnik's orders –– because that's what he's told to do.

Agent Stone is involved in a toxic work relationship with Robotnik (that's apparently the only type of relationship Robotnik is involved in) and is forced to do whatever he asks, typically moonlighting as his personal barista. Who doesn't like a person who can make exquisite coffee? Despite basically only being present for Robotnik's mayhem and coffee orders, Agent Stone is one of the more popular characters in the movie, and we hope he's treated better in the sequel (assuming he makes a presence and doesn't go full-blown evil).

7. Crazy Carl

Crazy Carl (Frank C. Turner), unrightfully, wasn't taken seriously by the Green Hills residents because he continuously raved about seeing a blue alien. Typically, a character who has an alien encounter is dealing with some type of trauma, yet in Crazy Carl's case, he actually encountered a blue alien (which is, of course, Sonic). Though he was ignored and mocked about his occurrence with the "Blue Devil," CC was right all along, and Green Hills is lucky that this Blue Devil didn't turn out to be a real threat ... though some mayhem does transpire.

Crazy Carl is a perfect example of the idiom "don't judge a book by its cover." People didn't believe him because of the way he dressed and talked, as his overall appearance gave people the impression that he shouldn't be taken seriously. To the town's credit, Crazy Carl is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and saying that the "Blue Devil" is running wild sounds made up. But Crazy Carl was right all along, and we appreciate his Blue Devil drawings.

6. Wade Whipple

Wade Whipple (Adam Pally) is Tom's deputy sheriff, and his actions, although misguided, are hilarious (which tends to accompany a character who's played by a comedian). Though Wade isn't the best deputy sheriff of all time — not to mention he makes idiotic mistakes and gives up his seemingly best friend in the process — he's not a dislikable character, and for all it's worth, he gets his chance at redemption by the film's end.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" is inspired by a video game franchise that lacked human characters. Yet the big-screen adaptation pumped many humans into its story, with Wade being one of them. Though Wade isn't the most intelligent person in the film, he provides welcome comic relief and, above all else, eventually stands by Tom and Sonic's side when they need him most. And that sounds like a hero to us. But alas, Tom should probably consider hiring a more competent deputy sheriff.

5. Miles 'Tails' Prower

We know what you're thinking: Miles "Tails" Prower (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) only briefly appears in "Sonic the Hedgehog." Not to mention, this appearance occurs after the film's events. With that in mind, Tails is one of the most beloved characters in the "Sonic" video game franchise. What's not to love about a two-tailed fox that can fly? Yet Tails' mid-credits-scene arrival will likely lead to one important outcome: Sonic's closest confidant –– at least in the video games, as Tom has "best friend" qualities in spades –– is going to have an integral role in the sequel.

If you've never played the "Sonic" video games or aren't a fan, then Tails' emergence might not excite you. But for everyone else, Tails' introduction just so happens to be one of the best parts of the film, despite it coming after the conclusion of the film and only being a few seconds long.

4. Dr. Robotnik

Robotnik is one of the best characters for a pretty good reason: The villainous doctor is played by the comedically gifted Jim Carrey, an element that more seasoned audience members might be able to appreciate more than younger viewers. Especially since "Sonic the Hedgehog" is based on a video game franchise in which Robotnik arguably has less personality.

All the same, Robotnik has awful qualities. He's insecure, power-hungry, and a know-it-all. Robotnik also treats people poorly, whether they're on his side or not. After all, he makes fun of people who he finds inferior, especially for their intelligence (or lack thereof). And he's trying to kill the titular character. Robotnik might be brilliant, but he's a mad scientist through and through –– and he just wants to become more powerful to take over anything and everything that gets in his way. But again, he's played by Carrey, who pumps his goofy yet hilarious persona into the character. Robotnik might be a nefarious doctor, but it's harder to dislike this version of the antagonist when he's played with grace by Carrey, who was seemingly given the green light to be his old goofy self.

3. Maddie Wachowski

Maddie Wachowski is Tom's loving wife and Rachel's sister. Though Tom is only trying to help out his town, she puts up with whatever he throws her way, such as bringing Sonic into their lives –– while Tom becomes a "terrorist" to boot. Maddie is also a veterinarian, just in case you weren't keeping score.

Maddie is, by all measures, one of the most good-hearted residents in Green Hills, and she and Tom are a seemingly perfect match. As a veterinarian, Maddie has the ability to treat Sonic when he's injured. Maddie and Tom also let Sonic, who can be a bit much at times, live with them following the likely temporary victory against Robotnik. Tom and Sonic might be the two most notable heroes in "Sonic the Hedgehog," but it's a whole lot easier to be heroic when you have a supportive partner like Maddie on your side.

2. Sonic

How can Sonic, the character the movie is named after, not be the best character in the film? It's complicated. Younger audience members could very well rank Sonic as the best character in every category, but more seasoned audience members will probably realize how unbearable some of his characteristics can be. As an example, Sonic causes a lot of destruction, talks in buzzwords, blows up Tom's life, and his personality can be a bit much from time to time.

Sonic might not be everyone's cup of tea, but he's seemingly the most powerful character in this universe, and he does have redeemable qualities: The talking blue hedgehog is loyal, funny, and just so happens to be played by Ben Schwartz. Though Sonic can be a bit self-centered, it's important to remember that he's not from Green Hills, Montana, let alone Earth. He, like so many beings, just wants to be loved.

1. Tom Wachowski

Tom Wachowski is, without a doubt, one of the most likable characters in "Sonic the Hedgehog." Not only does he keep Green Hills safe –– which, admittedly, doesn't see a lot of crime, a big reason why he wanted to take a different job in San Francisco –– but he's patient. This quality is, by all accounts, worth a lot, especially in "Sonic the Hedgehog." Tom is the town's protector, and he inevitably befriends a blue hedgehog who has an overwhelming personality.

Anyone else would have likely turned Sonic into authorities, but Tom has empathy in spades and decides to help him. Unfortunately for Tom, he joins Sonic as one of the most wanted beings in the universe, and his life (and his family's by extension) is temporarily put in disarray.

Ultimately, "Sonic the Hedgehog" is a light-hearted, family-friendly romp that all viewers can enjoy. While Tom tops this list, each perfectly splendid character can be cherished in one way or another.