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Only Five Actors Appeared In Every CSI: Cyber Episode

Throughout the course of the last 22 years, the "CSI" franchise has certainly had its share of ups and downs. After premiering on CBS in October of 2000, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" went on to have 15 uninterrupted seasons of success (via IMDb). By the time the original series ultimately came to an end in September 2015, it had already left an indelible mark on American culture. In addition to inspiring the so-called "CSI effect" (via National Institute of Justice), "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" also served as the origin of three additional spinoffs focused on different crime scene investigation units. 

"CSI: Miami" arrived on CBS less than two years after the premiere of the original series and was quickly followed by "CSI: NY" one year later. While both of these spinoffs were at least somewhat well received by audiences, a later attempt to adapt the "CSI" formula to online crimes quickly proved disastrous (via Rotten Tomatoes). Only a few months before the series finale of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS released the first episode of "CSI: Cyber." 

These are the only five actors to appear in all 31 episodes

According to IMDb, the pilot episode of "CSI: Cyber" is the worst-reviewed pilot in the history of the "CSI" franchise. Although CBS ultimately canceled "CSI: Cyber" after only two seasons (faster than any other series in the franchise), only five of the six lead actors from the pilot stuck with the production all the way through to the finish line. The only five actors to appear in every episode of "CSI: Cyber" are Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Shad Moss (better known as Bow Wow), Charley Koontz, and Hayley Kiyoko (via IMDb). By the time the final episode of the series rolled out, a number of former series regulars had already departed the troubled series. 

The most high-profile exit of the series came at the end of the first season. Actor Peter MacNicol, who played FBI Assistant Deputy Director Simon Sifter, departed the series after appearing in every episode of the first season (via IMDb). According to a 2015 report from Nellie Andreeva of Deadline, MacNicol left the series for "creative reasons." Additionally, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" alum Ted Danson reprised his role as D.B. Russell in all 18 episodes of the second season of "CSI: Cyber," but announced his departure prior to the series cancelation (via TheWrap).

Notably, "CSI: Cyber" is the only series in the "CSI" franchise not currently available for streaming on Paramount+. However, other methods of viewing are available.