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Orla Brady Discusses Her Favorite Part Of Filming Picard Season 2

The following article contains spoilers for "Picard" Season 1.

Over the course of his time on "Star Trek: Enterprise," Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) developed a strong bond with the Romulans. In fact, as the audience learns in "Picard" Season 1, the title character ended up quitting the Federation over the organization's treatment of the Romulans. And he even goes a step further by hiring a Romulan by the name of Laris (Orla Brady) to be his housekeeper.

Despite having his consciousness transferred into a synthetic body at the end of the first season, Picard still has a use for Laris as she continues making an appearance on Season 2 of "Picard," with new episodes now airing on Paramount+. During a sneak preview event that Looper was invited to, Brady spoke at length about her character and her role in the ever-evolving series, including her favorite aspect of filming it thus far.

Orla Brady loved working with Patrick Stewart

From old to new cast members, there's a ton of talent bursting at the seams of "Star Trek: Picard." However, when asked about her favorite memory working on the show so far, actress Orla Brady had to give props to working with one of the most respected actors of this generation: Patrick Stewart. As she stated, "It was so glorious working with Patrick, all the cast. But I worked very intensely with Patrick, and if he hadn't been as lovely and generous and, by the way, quite a good actor ... that was a really lovely experience."

Brady's career dates back to the 1990s, with recent performances in the likes of "American Horror Story: 1984," as well as "Into the Badlands" and "Doctor Who," but it sounds like her time on "Picard" has definitely been a highlight. However, it wasn't all sunshine and picnics. Brady went on to cheekily describe one aspect of production she could've done without. "My least favorite moment was working with the dog because [he] managed to ruin scenes," she said. "So sometimes the dog was a little bit onerous, but ... everyday was good."

New episodes of "Star Trek: Picard" currently air exclusively on Paramount+ every Thursday.