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The Joe Vs. Carole Character Fans Think Was Horribly Miscast

Netflix's "Tiger King" captured the world's imagination during the early days of the pandemic, and dominated the airways with its sordid tale of big cat rescue involving two incredibly different factions with varying beliefs as to the proper care of the animals. One side wanted a world where there are no big cats are in cages, while the other used the giant felines as a business with a source of income. Considering these outlooks on the animals are on completely different ends of the spectrum, conflict is all but assured.

"Joe vs. Carole" is Peacock's adaptation of the saga of Joe Exotic (John Cameron Mitchell) and Carole Baskin (Kate McKinnon). This particular show is based on Wondery's podcast (via Vanity Fair), and follows the criminal case against Joe Exotic as he is convicted of a murder-for-hire plot involving Baskin. However, now that fans of the "Tiger King" saga have gotten a chance to see this brand new show, what character do all of the cool cats and kittens think was a bit of a miscast?

Fans think that Kate McKinnon is the wrong actor for Carole Baskin

Gathering on two different Reddit threads, viewers of "Joe vs Carole" seemed to be of one mind when it comes to a certain character's actor, and although fans generally like this particular actor in other roles, they believe that the actor was miscast. The role in question is that of Carole Baskin, with Reddit user whoisserpentlotus saying, "I love Kate McKinnon but IMO she was the wrong casting choice for Carol." Reddit user MrPureInstinct agreed, and said that in some scenes she is a good fit, but in others she seems way off for the role.

Reddit user Notagoodguy80 said in a different thread, "Baskins casting is terrible. McKinnon is funny and has charm and is likable. Carole Baskins is none of these things, which is not even to dog on her, but the story is so specifically compelling BECAUSE she's so g****** unlikable, weird, and dead eyed." Reddit user KevinSpaceysGarage added that both Joe and Carole are opposite ends of the same coin, and although they both invoke a sense of sympathy at first, the further one watches the show(s), the more one realizes that they are both completely off the deep end. Judging by these comments, the general consensus is that Kate McKinnon is well-liked, but may have been the wrong person for the adaption of the much maligned Carole Baskin.