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Who Plays Officer Kilkenny In Joe Vs. Carole?

The saga of Netflix's "Tiger King" enraptured the world with its sordid tale of rival factions and their obsession with big cats. One side, best encapsulated by Carole Baskin, wished to rescue the animals from inhumane cages. Joe Exotic represented the other side, who capitalized on big cats as a means to make money and as some kind of bizarre status symbol. Needless to say, fans of this over-the-top, real-life drama can't get enough of this absurdist saga that involved a mysterious disappearance, bumbling sabotage attempts, murder-for-hire, and plenty of law enforcement officers summoned for all sorts of reasons by both parties.

"Joe vs. Carole" is a new, upcoming adaptation of the events of "Tiger King." Whereas "Tiger King" is more of a documentary, "Joe vs. Carole" looks to be a satirical and scripted series starring Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin, John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic, and Kyle MacLachlan as Howard Baskin. However, there are other characters who have joined "Joe vs. Carole" who were not present in "Tiger King," and one of them is Officer Kilkenny. But who is the actor who plays the role?

Newcomer Peter Phan plays Officer Kilkenny in Joe vs. Carole

Officer Kilkenny appears in three episodes of "Joe vs. Carole" and is played by Peter Phan. Not to be confused with the flying boy from Neverland, Phan is featured in the episodes "Don," "A Fairy Tale," and "Unwanted Animals." With all of the events that occur between Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic, it is easy to see how often the police have to get involved in petty disputes between the two. Even in the trailer for "Joe vs. Carole," one can see Baskin attempt to file a police report for the destruction of an effigy based on her.

Phan is a new actor on the scene, hailing from Australia. His professional acting credits started in 2021 with the short film "When the Sky Was Blue," where he played the role of John (via IMDb). His other roles have been minor or unnamed ones; the actor has lent his talents to "Christmas on the Farm" where he played an unnamed bar patron, "Thirteen Lives" where he was an unnamed Thai Navy Seal, and "The Portable Door," which is currently in post-production, where he plays an unnamed London resident (via IMDb). Hopefully "Joe vs. Carole" helps to catapult Phan's career, and we will be seeing much more of the actor in meatier roles.