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G. Callen's Best Moment In NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4

From the 1995 military crime drama series "JAG" branched the 2003 series "NCIS," and the spin-off show's success was both rapid and outstanding. It's because of this the franchise expanded yet again into the series "NCIS: Los Angeles" in 2009 (via IMDb). "NCIS: Los Angeles," which has had 12 seasons thus far, has the same overall premise as its predecessor, focusing on a team of highly trained military agents working to solve heinous crimes and possible threats to national security.

The series stars Chris O'Donnell as Grisha "G" Callen, the Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles unit. The character has a mysterious past and G spends much of the series trying to locate his real family and learn more about his life after growing up in the foster system. His ties with NCIS help him gain the experience necessary to handle his dark past. Over the years, there have been plenty of notable moments surrounding Grisha, as his team gets to the bottom of some pretty tricky and difficult to fathom situations.

If you've seen each season before or are just watching for the first time, you'll notice a lot of great moments involving G. Season 4 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" has one moment of G's that's his best in the entire season.

G. Callen volunteers to risk his life to prevent a national security threat

In Season 4, Episode 13 of "NCIS: Los Angeles," "The Chosen One," the unit finds itself at odds with a highly threatening terrorist organization and must come up with a secretive and strategic way to try and take them out without costing people their lives.

G takes it upon himself to go undercover in an attempt to infiltrate the threat. Of course, the agents are aware that it's a dangerous mission. Still, while undercover, things become even more terrifying for G. It's made clear to G by the members of the terrorist group that he is to be "The Chosen One" or a suicide bomber. They proceed to strap G with multiple bombs and explosives with the intention to detonate them, killing G in the process. 

G displays both grit and bravery when he pushes the undercover assignment as long as he can. The other agents must solve the case and rescue G, but not before he attempts to escape the situation himself. Intercepting a terrorist threat and volunteering himself to go undercover in order to prevent a threat to national security that could kill thousands of people is no doubt G's best moment in all of Season 4.