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How Ice-T Wants Fin's Storyline To End On "SVU" - Exclusive

"Law & Order: SVU" is, undoubtedly, as immortal as they come on prime time TV, but eventually it will end. In February 2020, NBC guaranteed us three more seasons of the drama-thriller-mystery-police procedural that has had us glued to our screens since 1999. Certainly, we'll binge on a Season 24. But, beyond that? Actress Mariska Hargitay, who was in her 30s when she debuted as Olivia Benson on "SVU" is now 58-years-old. And Ice-T — aka Odafin Tutuola – who was in his 40s when he took on the role, is now 64. It is a truth universally acknowledged that cops have to retire, eventually. 

And, at this point, not even Ice-T knows how the writers are coming up with new material. "At 500 episodes, I don't know where they're pulling these storylines," the actor confessed to Looper's sister site, Mashed during an exclusive interview. "They pull them out of thin air. I like the ride. One of my mottos is, 'You don't guide life, you ride life.'" As a rule, Ice-T doesn't spend too much time thinking about the plots on "SVU," as he said, "I leave it up to the writers. Why wouldn't I? They've always come up with good ideas." He does, however, know exactly how he wants Fin's storyline to end. 

Ice-T wants you to remember Fin's end

If Ice-T were thinking only of Fin, he'd want to go out with a bang. "If I got to go, I want to go in a blaze of glory," he told Looper's sister site Mashed. "Blow me up in a car. I want to be murdered!" Career-wise, however, the actor's got other plans, and he's is well aware that he's got a cushy post "in the [Dick] Wolf Universe." That means that even when "SVU" takes its last celebrated breath, there's a good chance that Fin might pop up on any other of producer Dick Wolf's ten TV shows.

"'Law & Order' could end and I could be climbing a ladder on 'Chicago Fire,"' Ice-T posited. "I could be over on ['Criminal Intent'], so maybe I don't want to die ... We'll see. I don't have any plans of going anywhere." And, we're not exactly eager to see him go. As the actor pointed out, "This last season has been our best season in a long time, as far as ratings go."

You can next catch Ice-T on "Law & Order SVU's" upcoming episode, "Video Killed the Radio Star" which airs on March 3. You'll also find the actor on the back of your Cheerios box. Ice-T thinks exercise and eating healthy can be fun, and it's as simple as enjoying a bowl of Cheerios and your exercise of choice. Readers can experience his Cheerios "Pour Your Heart Into It" workouts firsthand through his workout series accessible through the QR code on the back of limited-edition happy heart shape boxes of Cheerios, which come in Honey Nut and the original yellow box.