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The Frustrating Wheel Of Fortune Round That Had Audiences Yelling At Their TVs

Most of the time, the hidden phrases on "Wheel of Fortune" are expected to be fairly challenging. Half the game is spinning the titular wheel to see what they'll win, should they guess a consonant correctly, but the real core of the iconic gameshow is figuring out each round's hidden phrase. It's essentially a hyper-competitive game of hangman, and of course that means the hidden phrases are often meant to be misleading or hard to guess.

That was not the case during yesterday's episode, in which the three contestants were asked to solve the relatively simple phrase: "Another Feather In Your Cap." Near the end of the round, the contestants managed to puzzle out the entire phrase except for the last word, which (as many viewers would point out later) was very obviously "Cap." What followed was perhaps the most frustrating round of "Wheel of Fortune" to have ever aired, as the contestants failed to solve the puzzle for an astounding 8 consecutive turns, leading to an incredible amount of backlash from fans across the internet.

Bad guesses and bankrupts made yesterday's episode one for the history books

Two "Bankrupt" spins and a "Lose a Turn" spin allowed one of the contestants (Laura) three consecutive chances to solve the puzzle. To the outcry of everyone watching from home, Laura first guessed that the final word was "Hat," then "Lap," and finally "Map." Fans took to Twitter almost immediately to discuss just how frustrating this masterclass in failure truly was.

"How many of you watching Wheel of Fortune right now were screaming ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR CAP!" tweeted @hammy725. "She went lap, hat, and map!" "These might be the most clueless #WheelOfFortune contestants I've ever witnessed" echoed @csoy13.

Others chimed in to describe just how hilarious the whole ordeal was. "Bruh this woman got all the tries in the world and still couldn't get it," wrote @skinz_x. "And poor Thomas went bankrupt and lost a turn and still got it LOL."

"I've never seen anyone bungle a puzzle three consecutive turns on #WheelOfFortune, tweeted @JohnWLuther in mock admiration. "We witnessed History tonight, America." That last tweet may have the truth of it after all, as the entire sequence will no doubt go down as one of the most bizarre rounds the show has ever seen.