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What The Cast Of Deadwood Looks Like Today

It's been over a decade since Deadwood abruptly ended, leaving everyone wondering what happened to the town and its characters—and it looks like we may finally find out, with preliminary production on the much-anticipated HBO movie set to begin. To celebrate the return of one of the 21st century's greatest 19th-century stories, let's walk down the dusty streets of memory lane with Deadwood's cast—what they look like now, and what they're up to today.

Timothy Olyphant — Seth Bullock

American actor Timothy Olyphant is known by many as the righteous new sheriff in town on HBO's Deadwood, but he's also a very recognizable bad guy. Before he brought some law—and hardware—to the new prospecting town as Seth Bullock, Olyphant notably played the film-obsessed Mickey Altieri in Scream 2, the drug-dealing, Breakfast Club-quoting Todd Gaines in the 1999 cult classic Go, the vicious "Hollywood" Jack Slayton in A Man Apart, and the award-winning porn producer Kelly in 2004's The Girl Next Door... all character's you'd probably do best to steer clear of.

After Deadwood abruptly ended, Olyphant went on to star in the rom-com box-office bomb Catch and Release. He also played the elite assassin Agent 47 in the video game-inspired Hitman movie, in addition to starring in the thriller A Perfect Getaway and the 2010 remake of George A. Romero's The Crazies. The biggest role of his career by far came as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in FX's six-season crime drama Justified, which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

These days, you can catch the Hawaii-born University of Southern California grad on Netflix's original, graphic and hilarious horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet, in which he stars and produces alongside Drew Barrymore.

Ian McShane — Al Swearengen

Ian McShane played Deadwood's notorious potty-mouthed crime leader Al Swearengen, who more or less founded the prospecting town and its hotspot saloon the Gem, knows everything about Deadwood's comings and goings, and has his fingers in every profitable venture, legal or otherwise.

Before he played Deadwood's Mephistophelean pimp and booze dealer, McShane starred as the main character in the BBC1 mystery series Lovejoy. He played a similarly roguish antiques dealer, a character trait that's since become McShane's trademark. He additionally lent his recognizable voice to Shrek the Third, The Golden Compass, and Kung Fu Panda, and also played the pirate Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

McShane has been acting since the 1960s, and he's showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to making an appearance on one episode of Game of Thrones, McShane most recently starred as Mr. Wednesday in the Starz original series American Gods—based off Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel of the same name—which has received rave reviews since its debut.

Molly Parker — Alma Garret

Canadian actress Molly Parker played one of Deadwood's driving forces, the newly-widowed owner of the town's most prosperous gold claim. Like the strong, independent 1870s woman that she is, Alma Garret chooses to stay in town and look after the claim herself, while also looking after her newly adopted daughter. Luckily, she has Sheriff Seth Bullock looking out for her best interests.

After starring in Deadwood, Parker went on to star in CBS' swingin' key party summer replacement series Swingtown, before joining the cast of The Firm as Abby McDeere. After some later appearances in Dexter, Parker landed her next big-time role as House Majority Whip Jacqueline Sharp on Netflix's original political drama House of Cards. The prominent part on the hugely popular show led to Parker being nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series in 2016.

Parker is sticking with Netflix, and is set to star as Maureen Robinson in the streaming service's reboot of the 1965 television series Lost in Space.

John Hawkes — Sol Star

American actor John Hawkes is recognized by many as the actor behind Deadwood's main merchant and entrepreneur, Sol Star, who also doubles as Seth Bullock's best pal and Trixie's confidante. Always the voice of reason and restraint, Star is the calm yin to Bullock's aggressive yang.

After Deadwood, Hawkes made a handful of one-off appearances on various television shows, including Without a Trace, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Monk, and Psych, before giving arguably his best performance to date as the meth addict Teardrop Dolly in Winter's Bone—which earned the actor an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. If Teardrop was Hawkes' best role, playing Mark O'Brien, a poet paralyzed from polio who hired a sex surrogate to take his virginity, in the 2012 independent film The Sessions is a close second. Both roles earned the actor multiple award nominations, as well as some wins.

Hawkes also went on to play Kenny Powers' brother Dustin on HBO's Will Ferrell-produced baseball comedy Eastbound & Down. Hopefully, we'll see HBO produce the much-anticipated Deadwood movie sooner than we think—and we know Hawkes is definitely down to return.

Paula Malcomson — Trixie

Poor Trixie. If she's not being perpetually abused and taken advantage of by her boss, Al Swearengen, she's overdosing on laudanum or getting no respect for taking care of the newly-orphaned, non-English-speaking Sofia Metz. And even when she does have the opportunity to escape her undesirable circumstances, she's emotionally incapable of taking the chance, instead choosing to continue her crappy life as is. Perhaps it's her faults that make Paula Malcomson's character so likeable.

After Deadwood, Malcomson stuck to TV. She played Colleen Pickett on a couple episodes of Lost, Meg Riley on ER, Jerri on John from Cincinnati, Maureen Ashby on Sons of Anarchy, and Amanda Graystone on Caprica. She also booked one-off appearances on network dramas Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lie to Me, Private Practice, Fringe, Law & Order: LA, and Prime Suspect.

Most recently, Malcomson is widely recognized as Katniss' mother, Mrs. Everdeen, in The Hunger Games series; she also played Roz Demichelis on BBC One's Broken, as well as Helen Clarke in the upcoming mystery thriller We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Dayton Callie — Charlie Utter

Once the more responsible friend of "Wild" Bill Hickock, Charlie Utter decided to stick around Deadwood and test his entrepreneurial instincts. He opened up his own freight business, which immediately started raking it in, making him one of the boomtown's influential leaders. He then accepted the job as Deadwood's fire commissioner, a job for which he proved uniquely well suited.

Since his days of fawning over Joanie Stubbs and helping out Seth Bullock, Dayton Callie starred in John from Cincinnati as Steady Freddy Lopez and landed what ended up being easily one of his most recognizable roles as Wayne Unser on Sons of Anarchy. He's also the uncredited voice of Whitaker in the zombie video game Left 4 Dead, and has done his fair share of one-off network drama cameos.

More recently, Callie played Jeremiah Otto in Fear the Walking Dead, and he's set to play Lieutenant O'Shea in the upcoming crime drama film Labyrinth, which focuses on the murder investigations of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. and will star Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker.

Robin Weigert — Calamity Jane

Martha Jane Cannary, better known as Calamity Jane, can out-drink, out-cuss, and possibly outshoot any man in Deadwood. Allegedly raised in Wyoming mining camps and rumored to have served as a scout for George Armstrong Custer, stories drunkenly follow Jane wherever she goes. One thing is for certain, however: she's immune to smallpox, and Deadwood might not have survived without her.

Calamity Jane is Robin Weigert's most widely acclaimed role to date, earning her a Primetime Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. After Deadwood closed up shop, Weigert joined a number of her former co-stars in the cast of Sons of Anarchy, playing Ally Lowen for 15 episodes. She also played Wendy Ross-Hogarth on Netflix's original Jessica Jones, and did the usual run of primetime drama cameos, making one-off appearances on The Unit, Numb3rs, ER, The Mentalist, Law & Order: LA, and Grey's Anatomy. She also had a recurring role on Chicago P.D., and appeared in the noteworthy independent film The Sessions with Deadwood co-star John Hawkes.

Most recently, Weigert has been seen playing Dr. Amanda Reisman on Big Little Lies and Heather Myles on Fearless.

Jim Beaver — Whitney Ellsworth

Whitney Ellsworth might look like merely a typical prospector, but the man is no fool. He knows what goes on behind closed doors in Deadwood—in particular, Al Swearengen's office—and he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Nonetheless, Ellsworth is a good guy with a good heart, who proves fiercely loyal to Alma Garret and her adopted daughter. Loyal, perhaps, to a fault.

The actor behind Ellsworth might not be as famous as most of his costars, but he just might be the most well-rounded. Before taking an interest in theatre while enrolled at what is now Oklahoma Christian University and the University of Central Oklahoma, Jim Beaver trained as a microwave radio relay technician in the United States Marine Corps. He's written multiple books on the history of film, a slew of theatrical plays, and a bunch of articles for Films in Review. He appeared in numerous television shows and TV movies in the 1980s and 1990s, and already had a fairly extensive résumé built up by the time he scored a spot on Deadwood.

After Deadwood, Beaver joined his costars on John from Cincinnati and Justified while also making appearances on The Unit, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Minds, among others. He also appeared on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and millions of viewers recognize him as Bobby Singer from Supernatural.

Kim Dickens — Joanie Stubbs

Rolling into town with Cy Tolliver and the rest of the Bella Union crew, Joanie Stubbs represents a higher class of prostitute. Though she initially manages Tolliver's prostitutes and acts as his confidante, she eventually opens her own whorehouse. She hides a deep depression but has a kind heart, often helping other troubled characters, like Calamity Jane and Charlie Utter.

Kim Dickens was already well-known before, but her stock rose significantly after Deadwood. She joined some of her former co-stars when she signed on to play Cassidy Phillips on Lost and Colette Jane on Sons of Anarchy, in addition to playing Shelby Saracen on the Friday Night Lights television series. Around the same time, she logged a supporting role in another football drama, playing Mrs. Boswell in The Blind Side.

Most recently, Dickens has played the recurring role of Kate Baldwin, a high-profile, Pulitzer and Peabody Award-winning White House correspondent on Netflix's hit series House of Cards, as well as Madison Clark on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.

Dan Dority — W. Earl Brown

As Al Swearengen's right-hand man, Dan Dority might just be the most loyal man in all of Deadwood. Need someone to tend the bar? Dan's got it covered. Need someone killed? Dority will do it. In fact, there's almost nothing the big enforcer won't do for his boss.

Before he helped Swearengen manage the Gem and take care of its dirty business, W. Earl Brown most recognizably played Kenny in the '90s horror classic Scream and Warren in There's Something About Mary, though he also appeared in Deep Impact, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, Dancing at the Blue Iguana, and The Alamo. After Deadwood, he continued making one-off appearances on various television shows, including Numb3rs, Psych, The Mentalist, Justified, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Grey's Anatomy, with larger roles as Tom Carlin in American Crime, Detective Teague Dixon in True Detective, Hugo Root in Preacher, and Teddy/King Theodore in I'm Dying up Here. Finally, PlayStation fans will recognize Brown's voice as Bill from the classic survival-horror game The Last of Us.

When he's not busy acting, Brown rocks out with country-rock band Sacred Cowboys.

Johnny Burns — Sean Bridgers

Johnny Burns isn't the sharpest tool in Al Swearengen's arsenal. But what he lacks in smarts, he more than makes up for in loyalty; he's willing to do just about anything for his employer, he just doesn't always do a particularly good job.

After Deadwood, Sean Bridgers made a number of one-off appearances on shows like Criminal Minds, Cold Case, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bones, Justified, and True Blood—which is all well and good, since he's good at playing a creep. He's also good at starring in horror films, such as 2011's The Woman and the low-budget fright fest Jug Face. If being scared isn't quite you're thing and if you're more into romantic comedies, there's a solid chance you'll recognize Bridgers as Eldon in Sweet Home Alabama. Most recently, he played Fanning in the The Magnificent Seven remake, Trey Willis in SundanceTV's Rectify, and Louis in Get Shorty.

Bridgers also wrote and starred in independent darling Paradise Falls, which was a co-winner of the Best Picture award at the Hollywood Film Festival—proving that the man behind Johnny Burns can do more than just follow orders.

Gerald McRaney — George Hearst

Throughout Deadwood's all-too-brief three-season run, we watched the town grow from a ramshackle prospecting settlement to a full-fledged gold-mining boomtown. Never does the dynamic of the town change more, however, than when mining magnate George Hearst (played by acclaimed veteran Gerald McRaney) finally arrives. Having already acquired every gold claim save Alma Garret's, Hearst promptly purchases E.B. Farnum's Grand Central Inn for a cool $100,000, hammers a hole in the upstairs wall, and builds himself a nice perch from which to survey his new domain. Not even the combined force of bad guys Al Swearengen and Cy Tolliver can rival the sheer purchasing power of Hearst—or the threat he poses to all of Deadwood.

After Deadwood ended and left us all wondering what would happen to the town with Hearst setting up shop, McRaney moved right along, playing Johnston Green in Jericho. He then played Carlton Shaw in Undercovers, joined Timothy Olyphant for a couple episodes of Justified, appeared as Captain Patrick Murphy in Mike & Molly, played Malcolm Millar in Agent X and Henry Donovan in 24: Legacy, and has been featured as the recurring rich guy Raymond Tusk, nemesis of Frank Underwood, in Netflix's political drama House of Cards.

Powers Boothe — Cy Tolliver

When all-around bad guy Cy Tolliver rolls into Deadwood and sets up his own Chicago-style saloon, Al Swearengen finally gets put into check. Tolliver is just as ruthless and brutal as his rival across the street, if not more so, but his cool and calculating façade hides a deep-rooted instability. It's hard to make the murdering Swearengen look like a good guy, but Tolliver succeeds.

Well before appearing in Deadwood, Powers Boothe won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his portrayal of Rev. Jim Jones in the TV movie Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones. In fact, he was the only nominated actor who showed up that night. Everyone else watched from home, as an industry-wide actors strike resulted in a rather empty ceremony, with Boothe notoriously stating that "this is either the most courageous moment of my career or the stupidest" in his acceptance speech. "I came here because this is America and one must do what one believes," he continued. "I believe in the Academy. I also believe in my fellow actors in their stand."

After Deadwood, Boothe played Senator Roark in Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Vice President Noah Daniels in 24, Lamar Wyatt in Nashville, and Gideon Malick in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He passed away in his sleep on May 14th, 2017, dying of natural causes at the age of 68.