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Lupin Season 2 Production Victimized By Another Eerie Crime

It almost seems too perfect to be true: production of the popular French TV series "Lupin," based on the adventures of iconic gentleman thief Arsène Lupin and created by Maurice LeBlanc, is interfered with by a robbery from the set — the second one from a Netflix series in just two days' time.

If you're not familiar, Lupin the character is known for his daring and impossible crimes, often taunting the police by telling them exactly what, when, and where he plans to steal next. While the thieves that have pilfered the set of "Lupin" haven't quite gone that far (at least not yet), it's still tempting to think of them as carrying on the Lupin tradition, much like the protagonist of the show itself.

Fortunately, production was able to commence following the crime, and the third season of "Lupin" is still on its way with minimal interruption. If anything, this might prove to be good publicity for the show, which was already the second-biggest international success on Netflix, after the phenomenon of "Squid Game."

Thieves got away with more than $330,000 worth of equipment

As reported by Variety, it all started on February 24, when thieves got away from the set of "The Crown" with more than $200,000 worth of props. Then, the next day, a robbery occurred on the set of "Lupin" in Nanterre, a neighborhood outside Paris.

A band of about 20 robbers reportedly broke onto the set with their faces covered (and not because they were following proper COVID protocol), using mortar fireworks as a diversion. They gathered up roughly $333,000 worth of equipment, and made their getaway almost as efficiently as Lupin himself would have.

Fortunately, Netflix confirmed in a press statement that no one was hurt in the robbery, saying only that "there was an incident on Feb. 25 while filming the upcoming season of 'Lupin.' Our cast and crew are safe and there were no injuries." A police investigation is reportedly underway in Nanterre.

For his part, series star Omar Sy, who was reportedly shooting when the theft occurred, appeared safe and sound observing the tenth anniversary of the film "Intouchables" at the Cesar Awards mere hours later, and filming recommenced after a short three-day hiatus.