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The Curse Of Oak Island Lead That Rick Lagina Has The Most Faith In

Week in and week out, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina continue to forge ahead in their search for the legendary treasure of Oak Island despite just how hopeless that search seems to be. The two brothers serve as series' leads for History's "The Curse of Oak Island" and are the latest in the long line of would-be treasure hunters to scour the island for its alleged treasure hoard.

"The Curse of Oak Island" is fast approaching the end of its ninth season, and it's looking like the Laginas will be ending yet another season without making any real progress in their search. The determination of the Lagina brothers is undeniably admirable. Not many people could hit so many dead ends and keep their spirits up, yet, in every episode, the brothers shrug off last week's lack of discovery and keep on digging. It's clear the brothers believe that there is something hidden on the island, and they show no signs of slowing down until they finally find what it might be.

Still, the Laginas have admitted there are a few leads in their search for riches that are more promising than others. In fact, back in 2015, Rick Lagina revealed that there's one specific area on the island that he believes is the key to cracking the island's mystery once and for all.

Rick Lagina believes the swamp has answers for his team

While answering some viewer-submitted questions for History's YouTube channel, Rick Lagina addressed which area of the island he believes holds the most promise for future excavations. "I still believe there are answers in that swamp," he explained. "I still believe that, but as of yet, it's ... we can't prove it. But I've not given up yet." The swamp is one of the major areas of focus on the island. The Laginas and their team have excavated the site over the years, and it has been the place where some of their most exciting finds have occurred while the History series has been on the air. The team has discovered a plethora of unique and interesting objects within the swamp, and some even believe the location is a man-made construction.

One of the more remarkable discoveries in the swamp was of a "paved area" that may have once served as a road of some sort, a structure which environmental scientist Ian Spooner confirmed was not a natural phenomenon (via ArcheoThoughts). Like many of the leads and clues the team has discovered throughout these nine seasons, for some reason, this road was never followed up on in subsequent excavations; one has to wonder if they'll revisit that discovery sometime in the future. It's definitely significant that Lagina believes the swamp is still the most promising area on the island and shows once more just how determined he and the rest of the "Oak Island" team are in their search for treasure.