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The Curse Of Oak Island Anomaly That's Testing Fans' Patience

As "The Curse of Oak Island" nears the end of its ninth season, fans of the treasure hunting reality series have become increasingly skeptical of whether or not the island's mysteries will amount to anything significant. Despite this, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina remain committed to their lifelong fascination with Oak Island and continue their time-consuming search for the alleged riches.

Patience is necessary for treasure hunters, and Oak Island is a perfect test for this skill as it's been the subject of countless searches since the late 1700s. Viewers of "The Curse of Oak Island" aren't quite as patient, though, and have raised concerns about the show's pacing. Additionally, many people still struggle with whether or not the show is real and are skeptical about its "curse" schtick.

One of the most frustrating things, though, is an unexplained entity that has been hiding in plain sight for several seasons.

What's going on with the ship on Oak Island?

"The Curse of Oak Island" fans wish the show would address the elephant in the room, or rather, the ship in the swamp. On the show's subreddit, a thread by u/TraceCongerAuthor brought up the "ship-shaped anomaly" that has been on the back burner for a few seasons. "Have they ever attempted to investigate it?" they asked. "It hurts my brain to watch them find a plank or railing in the swamp and reflect on how that's 'evidence that there could be a ship in there' when there's a GD 80-foot ship-shaped anomaly a stone's throw away."

Some fans suggested that their crew doesn't have permission to dig on that part of the island, while others implied that they've already done so and found nothing, which is why they're "milking it for all they can." Others debated whether or not it was even possible for a ship to be in the swamp based on the fact that "Oak Island is sinking at a rate of around 3 feet per century."

Regardless of whether or not fans believe that a ship actually exists on the island, it's clear that everyone wants answers. As u/photojps pointed out, the Laginas often bring in experts to learn about the artifacts they find, yet they haven't done this for the ship yet, making it "very frustrating to watch."