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Who Voices Gary In Final Space?

"Final Space" was a bit of a surprise. What seemed to be your average animated adult sitcom on the surface turned out to be an exhilarating space opera with compelling stakes and true character depth. It didn't take long for fans to get attached to the lovable yet goofy rogue astronaut Gary Goodspeed and his Team Squad of interplanetary friends as they battled against the villainous Lord Commander. The series may have reached its conclusion in 2021 with its third and final season, but the characters of Gary, Mooncake, Avocato, Quinn, and others are likely still fresh in the minds of fans.

Some casual viewers of the show may be wondering about the talent behind some of these stellar portrayals. While much of the cast is voiced by accomplished actors like Tom Kenny's HUE, Tika Sumpter's Quinn, and Steven Yeun's Little Cato, the voice behind Gary himself is a bit of a special case. As it turns out, Gary's voice actor is someone who's also deeply involved with the show in a different way entirely.

Series creator Olan Rogers voices Gary himself

You know what they say: if you want something done right, do it yourself. Gary's voice actor is actually none other than Olan Rogers, the series creator of "Final Space." While this fact may not be all that surprising for some fans, what they may not know is that Gary is not even the only main character that Rogers voices. The creator also lent his voice to Gary's sidekick, the adorable, planet-destroying green blob Mooncake.

Some viewers may feel that Rogers's distinctive voice sounds rather familiar to them. The creator hasn't appeared in a great deal of other major properties as of late, but his name may be nonetheless familiar to veterans of the YouTube creator space. From 2007 to 2015, Rogers co-hosted the sketch comedy channel BalloonShop, which has managed to amass over 200,000 subscribers. Rogers eventually transitioned over to his own solo channel, which has broken over 1 million subscribers and to which the comedian still sporadically uploads to.

Right now, it's pretty uncertain if fans will see the cast of "Final Space" together again, but at least its creator still seems to be plenty active and looking toward the future. If fans find themselves missing Gary in the meantime, all they have to do is pop on one of Rogers's YouTube videos, close their eyes, and hear just a smidge of their beloved intergalactic hero.