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The NCIS Season 2 Scene Michael Weatherly Regrets Filming

The long-running action and drama series "NCIS" is the product of its popular predecessor series, "JAG." Since its release in 2003, "NCIS" has become one of the most popular drama shows in the world (via Hollywood Insider) and is currently in Season 19 with over 400 episodes under its belt.

While some members of the show's main cast have come and gone over the years, those who stayed for multiple seasons before making their exit became some of the most memorable, beloved characters. Special agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) first appears on "NCIS" in the first season and remains one of the most popular characters on the show, even after he departed the series in Season 13.

Weatherly has acted in hundreds of scenes on "NCIS" with his fellow castmates, and while they make for great and suspenseful television, some of them weren't the most fun for Weatherly to film. One of the most famous episodes in the entire series contains a scene that Weatherly has regrets about filming.

Weatherly prematurely reacted to Kate's death on-screen

"Twilight" is an episode of "NCIS" in Season 2 and remains one of the most talked-about episodes in the series years after its release. The episode is the season finale and the final moments on the show for the character Caitlin "Kate" Todd (Sasha Alexander), as she is shot in the head by an unseen sniper.

Kate's death scene is shocking and emotional for viewers, but it's also a scene that Michael Weatherly has some regrets about. Since he knew what to expect while filming it, Weatherly over-anticipated the special effects in the scene which caused him to flinch before the pivotal moment. "...you can see me flinch right before that bullet makes contact. I watched them put the blood bag on, and I noticed I was standing behind her, which meant the blood bag would be exploding all over me," Weatherly told CBS (via Cheatsheet).

While the episode itself is one of the saddest in "NCIS" history, the second that Weatherly flinches is an entertaining mistake that cast members and viewers can chuckle at — even if Weatherly himself is embarrassed by his performance.