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The Surprising Detail About Nicole And Tevin's First Meeting In Raising Dion

The old "Spider-Man" adage "with great power comes great responsibility" is hard enough to maintain and adhere to as a teenager, but apply that advice to a 10-year-old? You get yourself the premise of Netflix's "Raising Dion" television series. Starring Ja'Siah Young as the titular superpowered young boy, he is joined by Alisha Wainwright as his mother Nicole, Jason Ritter as the scientist-turned-villain-turned questionable ally Pat Rollins, and Rome Flynn as his mentor Tevin in Season 2. The first season of "Raising Dion" sees Pat act as Dion's teacher, but it later turns out that he is being manipulated by the clouded and mysterious baddie known as The Crooked Man.

The newly-released Season 2 deals with the fallout from the discovery of Pat's connection to The Crooked Man. Pat acted as an ersatz father figure to the young Dion, and his betrayal is keenly felt in both him and Nicole, a single mother. Given a new mentor, Tevin, Dion quickly takes a liking to his new teacher, but before being introduced to each other, Nicole and Tevin share a scene involving superpowers, force fields, and a misbehaving espresso machine. This scene set the groundwork for their potential romantic relationship, but fans might be surprised to learn how it came together.

Alisha Wainwright and Rome Flynn never met before filming their first scene

The first scene between Tevin and Nicole takes place in a cafeteria-like setting at the BIONA labs. It involves the two talking about superheroes and engaging in some light flirting before Nicole realizes that Tevin is a superpowered individual, which means that she does not want to get romantically involved. At that point, the espresso machine malfunctions and sprays Nicole with the beverage, while Tevin engages his powers and creates a force field around himself, much to the disgust of Nicole. She then collects herself to go and meet with Dion and his new trainer, who is revealed to be Tevin.

During an interview with Youtuber DC Film Girl, Alisha Wainwright was asked about the potent on-screen chemistry between the two, and the interviewer wondered what the read-through was like before the scene, to which Wainwright replied, "We did not have a chemistry read, but we actually met on set to shoot that espresso scene, and you know, it just kind of worked off the bat." 

She continued by saying that Rome Flynn wasn't present at any of the table reads beforehand and that their first interaction was shooting this scene. She added, "It kind of worked because it's not like our characters had to know each other or anything like that, and it did bring that element of surprise." It seems though that both Wainwright and Flynn share both on-screen and behind-the-camera charisma, much to the benefit of "Raising Dion" and a potential Season 3