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How Jason Ritter Really Felt About His Raising Dion Season 2 Return

Raising a kid these days is hard enough, but one that has been imbued with an entire cavalcade of powers? That's an entirely different story, and one that Netflix's "Raising Dion" is ready to tackle. Starring Ja'Siah Young, Alisha Wainwright, Jason Ritter, Ali Ahn, and Michael B. Jordan, "Raising Dion" is adapted from the works of Dennis Liu, and it is about a world where a mysterious aurora event grants several inhabitants powers like telepathy, energy shields, teleportation, and powerful kinetic blasts.

Ritter plays Pat Rollins, the best friend of Dion Warren's (Young) father Mark (Jordan). Rollins is a scientist who tries to help understand the nature of the newly established worldwide powers, but in his pursuit, betrays those closest to him and becomes entangled with an entity known as "The Crooked Man." The Crooked Man is a destructive force that absorbs many of those who come in contact with them, and its influence is highly corrupting and all-consuming. The finale of Season 1 eventually sees Rollins defeated and seemingly destroyed on a molecular level, so it came as a shock to fans when he popped back up in Season 2. But how did the actor himself feel about playing the maligned character once again?

Jason Ritter was excited to return to his role on Raising Dion

When asked how he felt about his return in Season 2 of "Raising Dion" during an interview on YouTube, Ritter replied, "I was very excited, cause I love the show so much. And I was also nervous, 'cause I knew that Pat had done some bad things." The actor expressed that there's "something about the end of the last season about being revealed, and everything is crazy, and then, you know, just being dead, or destroyed, or out." He continued that he was excited to be able to rejoin the cast and to see where the character went.

Ritter elaborated about how interesting it is to come back to the role of Pat Rollins, considering that he was revealed to be a liar, manipulator, and murderer, and how the rest of the characters on the show would react to his return. Ritter added that he enjoys the villain role, as he is often cast in scenarios that require him to be friendly or funny, much like the first part of his character's arc in the first season, but being able to be a "bad guy" is refreshing. 

Season 2 of "Raising Dion" became available on February 1, 2022, so fans can finally begin to understand the nature of "The Crooked Man" and Rollins' fall from grace.