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The Star Trek Alien You Are Based On Your Zodiac

The "Star Trek" franchise is known for many things, from its theme songs to its iconic starships to its well-known characters like Captains Kirk, Picard, and Janeway. But the series also includes some of the most famous alien races in all of science fiction: species and cultures who have become as complex and fleshed out as our own human race. 

The original "Star Trek" introduced audiences to the Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans. "The Next Generation" turned the Klingons into one of the most complicated peoples in all of sci-fi, and added the Ferengi, the Borg, the Bajorans, and the Cardassians. "Deep Space Nine" gave history, culture, and subtlety to the Cardassians, Bajorans and Ferengi, and brought the Jem'Hadar and the Vorta to audiences, while "Enterprise" gave much-needed nuance to the Vulcans, Andorians, and even Tellarites. New shows like "Discovery," "Prodigy," and "Picard" continue to add to the franchise's long list of incredible alien races.

What makes many of the cultures in "Star Trek" so fascinating, and so unique among sci-fi properties, is that each one has its own distinctive characteristics and traits, strengths and weaknesses. This reminds us very much of the signs of the zodiac: unique personalities with their own qualities and even singular peculiarities. So we've collected info on the most well-known races in order to give you some insight into yourself. Here is a list to see which alien race in "Star Trek" you are, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Andorian

We knew little about Andorians when we first met them in the original series episode "Journey To Babel." But when they showed up again on "Star Trek: Enterprise" some 35 years later we got a much better look at them. Fiery and brash, driven by their feelings, Andorians are a stark contrast to their rival Vulcans, who are emotionless and logical. The blue-skinned, antennaed Andorians could be said to be volatile, but it's not because they're overly emotional — it comes from their deep sense of self-assuredness. This is why they are the Aries on our list: confident and bold, they do nothing in half measures, and make no apologies for it.

Said to be one of the more distrustful zodiac signs, the Aries — like the Andorians — are natural skeptics, never too eager to take anything at face value, nor people at their word. Andorians have taken this a bit further, but that's only because their early pre-Federation enemies, the Vulcans, gave them good cause to question their motives and actions. But Andorians are also loyal, making them good allies, as Commander Shran proved so many times on "Enterprise." It's also why they made the perfect alien race to help found the United Federation of Planets, because once an Aries can sit down and hash out their issues with others, they are great friends to have around. 

Taurus: Bajoran

Sometimes described as introverted, it might be better to say that a Taurus is insular; they prefer to keep to themselves, though are not entirely averse to engaging with a greater community. Because more than most, the Taurus likes things the way they are. While not against progress, they find change to be an uncomfortable upheaval, and would prefer the warmth and comfort of what they know over the excitement of what is new and compelling. They embody stability and steadiness, a rock in the ever-changing wood, a solid oak in a raging storm. Dependable, grounded, and pragmatic, the Taurus is fiercely self-sufficient, and doesn't like to rely on others. They are also best aligned with the Bajorans, seen often in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." 

A deeply spiritual people, the Bajorans are motivated by a desire to preserve their way of life. Even after the devastation they endured during the Occupation, the Bajorans were still split over whether Federation membership was right for them. Many felt they were better off on their own, but some felt it was the best, most realistic option for their continued way of life. Both sides were driven by a desire to see their people thrive. Isolated and independent, they like to do things for themselves, and stay the way they are. They don't necessarily need fancy technology, or powerful allies ... but they are also willing to acknowledge that in the world of galactic affairs, going it alone may not always be possible.

Gemini: Cardassian

A Gemini loves to talk and won't stop, because they love the sound of their own voice, and think they are an expert on every subject (and sometimes they are). Intelligent and clever, they are incredibly charismatic too, which can balance out their loquaciousness and charm those around them, putting people at ease despite their sometimes off-putting quirks. Gul Dukat, despite his more nefarious personality, may be the quintessential Cardassian, the endlessly talkative, devilishly charming former Prefect of Bajor, who loves using arguing as a means of courting in true Gemini fashion.

Cardassians share so many traits with the twin sign it's tempting to think that "Star Trek" writers may have been looking at their astrological chart for inspiration when crafting the alien race. Geminis are terrific communicators and good listeners, but they are also shrewd and perceptive; they can see through lies and deception, and judge a person's character with but a fleeting glance. If their enemy is bluffing they'll know; if an ally is going to double cross them, they'll do it first. But they don't keep friends easily, as their attention is tough to hold. They are captivated by anything new and interesting that enters their sightline, whether that be a bright green bottle of Kanar they can devour or a resource-rich alien planet they can conquer.

Cancer: Betazoid

Described as an "emotional packmule," those born under the sign of Cancer are highly sensitive and empathetic. They have a caring nature that comes naturally to them. They are helpers and do-gooders, and look to improve the world around them through whatever means they can. Most often this takes the form of being a trusted friend and counsel to those who need help. But they also carry great sadness, whether because of trauma in their own past, or because their empathetic nature sees them absorb other people's problems so readily. With all this in mind, it makes sense that the Betazoid people are the alien race in "Star Trek" that best embodies the Cancer.

While the Enterprise's resident counselor, Deanna Troi, is the one we're most familiar with, we've met several others, including Lwaxana Troi, Tam Elbrun, and Lon Suder. All were very different people, but all were highly sensitive to the moods of others. They all had a deep sense of caring for those around them, even the proven killer Lon Suder, who, after he got help, desperately wanted to do something — anything — to assist his ship. Elbrun, meanwhile, was a misunderstood Betazoid from the "TNG" episode "Tin Man" who not only gave comfort but sought it as well, another common trait of the Cancer sign. Cancers feel everything, and with their telepathic abilities, this becomes more literal than most for Betazoids.

Leo: Ferengi

Leo, the sign of the lion, can be described as a vibrant star, an entertainer with a theatrical flare. They are charismatic and have a way with words, often dazzling others with their wit and sagacity. Confident and overzealous, they have a big ego, and are always looking for recognition. But most of all, Leos thrive on ambition and wish to climb the ladder of success; growth drives them, expansion motivates them. The Ferengi are the alien race in "Star Trek" that screams Leo, obsessed with increasing their individual empires, growing their businesses and expanding their profits. They are driven by a will to succeed, and use their charm and confidence to sway others in their circle to help them climb that ladder. 

Who in all of "Star Trek" but the Ferengi could this describe? The Ferengi don't just love acquiring, they love flaunting — whether it's Gaila boasting of owning his own moon, Quark's colorful outfits, Brunt's regal gait, or the Nagus who takes being ostentatious to the extreme. Ferengis love to show off, always want to be the center of attention, and have the big personality to match their talk. Though they can't always back it up physically, they're masters of words, making them the perfect con-men. At times though, as with Quark, Pel, and Dr. Reyga, they've also shown themselves to be good-hearted and valuable friends. 

Scorpio: The Borg

Cold and steely-eyed, the Scorpio is a misunderstood sign, often said to be untrustworthy, unscrupulous, and even soulless. But their dark nature can be attributed mostly to their stoic personality and insular nature. Scorpios don't make friends, they absorb others into their orbit through sheer force of will, with their enigmatic nature often bringing others close out of sheer curiosity. Endlessly fascinated by everything in their environment, they see those around them as little more than science experiments, and are always looking to poke and prod beneath the surface to understand what makes them tick. Secretive, when they want answers they'll do whatever it takes to get them, using words like a surgical instrument to peer into your soul.

There can be no alien that resembles the Scorpio more than the Borg, the collective hive-mind race of cybernetic beings that Captain Janeway once indeed likened to the scorpion itself, unable to avoid its true nature as a predator. With no individuality, personality and morals have no meaning to the Borg, who act with a singular will to dominate and assimilate all life within their field of vision. They see others as raw material to add to their perfection, and will do whatever it takes to acquire them for their own ends. They experiment on those they collect, peer inside (literally) and extract from them what they need. They've attempted to find common ground with the Federation on unique occasions, but can never be trusted. 

Libra: Trill

A walking puzzle, the Libra is a constant stream of contradictions, "simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive," according to the zodiac experts at Costar Astrology. They are a wondrous mixture, a perfect blend, and swirling sea of different personalities, and because of this can often take a long time to understand themselves. This is as true of the symbiont Trills as anyone we've ever seen in "Star Trek," a race of beings who are quite literally a combination of many people. The Trill exist as a dual entity, the symbiont and the host, with the symbiont merging its personality with its host, and passing from person to person over the course of hundreds of years. When we met Jadzia Dax in "Deep Space Nine" she had already lived many different lives, men and women, all with vastly different personalities. It took her quite a while to settle into who she really was.

Adira Tal, the Trill symbiont (Tal) trapped in a non-Trill host (Adira), was even more unsure, still seeing visions of her previous host and lover, the mysterious Gray. Insightful and wise, thanks to their centuries of life and many experiences, Trills are the embodiment of the charming and opinionated Libra. Even the criminal Trill Verad showed all the traits of the Libra, so desperate for a symbiont because he could not bear to be alone.

Virgo: Vorta

Virgos are peculiar and particular people. They are perfectionists, are obsessive about details and live their lives in an orderly fashion. They often make good assistants and helpers because they are devoted to caring for others and servicing the needs of their closest friends and family. Some more dominant signs like Aries or Scorpio view the Virgo as weak, but others like the Taurus or Cancer admire the Virgo for their selflessness and lack of self-centeredness, as they are rarely motivated by their own needs. Despite being extremely intelligent, they can struggle with expressing their thoughts, not because they are inarticulate but because they themselves find it hard to understand what they are feeling.

Likewise, the Vorta, who sit as the second most powerful race within the Dominion, have much in common with the Virgo. Vorta are particular and uptight and want everything just so. Orderly and efficient, they are driven only to serve the Founders, leaders of the galactic power in the Gamma Quadrant. Smart, shrewd, and downright cunning, they too can find it challenging to communicate with other peoples because — as a race genetically modified by the Changelings — they weren't left equipped with many of the traits of most solids, like emotional awareness, or even taste buds for that matter.

Capricorn: Vulcan

One of the first alien races ever seen in "Star Trek," the Vulcans are most known for their repression of emotion and their logical nature. But they are also noble and dutiful, motivated by a sense of moral and ethical responsibility. This makes their race akin to the Capricorn, a selfless, zen philosopher who is never one to seek attention. The Capricorn is also ambitious, with a keen awareness of what is needed to achieve their goals. Their relatively small ego does not mean they are without pride, and like Vulcans, who hide it well, they can often be bruised by attacks on their abilities. Vulcans and Capricorns both cannot tolerate it when their better nature is taken advantage of.

As we saw clearly throughout the franchise, but most notably on "Star Trek: Enterprise," Vulcans can often have a more transparent sense of superiority, believing that their own ways are better than others. Everyone should follow their example, and while they respect others' beliefs and unique way of doing things — appreciating diversity — it's sometimes hard to accept that their way might stand some improvement. But of course, the biggest trait that is shared between Capricorns and Vulcans is their lack of emotion, or rather repression of it. Both feel that emotions are an unnecessary impediment to their lofty aspirations.

Sagittarius: Klingon

A Sagittarius is loud and opinionated, led by raw emotions and fierce personalities that are difficult to contain. Still, the sign is also marked by a cleverness and wisdom that most do not expect based on their rough exterior. At times, the Sagittarius can be downright philosophical and lyrical, making the classic metaphor of "warrior-poet" quite an apt description for them. They fight hard for the things that they believe in, and live their truth as ruthlessly as they might swing a blade. For the Klingon, however, that is no metaphor. 

An explorer of the heart, a rider of the waves of passion, a Klingon swings their bat'leth as an extension of their spirit the way a Sagittarius might use their booming voice and outsized presence. Restless and eager, the Klingons find no greater challenge than the journey inward, but find no greater pleasure than in proving their outward strength. Klingons are a polarizing people who, like the Sagittarius, evoke strong feelings in those around them. One either truly understands the warrior race, admiring their passion of life and lust for glory, or they find it hard to even tolerate them, put off by their brusque nature and love of combat. There is no in-between for most when it comes to dealing with Klingons and Sagittariuses. 

Pisces: Ocampan

It's said that those born under the sign of Pisces are "both five and 50 years old" at the same time, meaning they have both a child-like innocence and a world-weary wisdom. It may seem contradictory, but to a Pisces it's an ethereal balance that gives them a unique perspective. Able to recognize both the troubles and the wonders that surround them, they are able to get more out of life than most thanks to their special outlook. A Pisces' dreamy personality sees all possibilities, which often makes them boundlessly optimistic, believing strongly in the beauty of existence and all they can accomplish, even in cases when it borders on pure fantasy.

Though we've only met a handful of them, the Ocampans — who live their entire lives in just nine Earth years — are the Pisces of "Star Trek." Their shortened lifespans lead them to be, quite literally, young and old at the same time. Yet despite their relative lack of worldly experience, they have a kind of innocent wisdom, like a child sage, and a  positive, if sometimes naive, attitude. The Ocampans shown on "Star Trek: Voyager," particularly Kes, have an adaptable personality that can change like a soft breeze. Ultimately, it's said that a Pisces "wants to dissolve," and that's exactly what a properly enlightened Ocampan does: after their nine-year lifespan ends, they transcend their physical bodies and evolve into another plane of existence.

Aquarius: Romulan

A Romulan can defy conventional description, because like humans, we have seen so many different facets to them. Some Romulans are militant and obsessively close-minded, while others seek enlightenment and wisdom. But all share a deep search for knowledge, and a certain suspicious nature that borders on paranoia. Such attributes are emblematic of the Aquarius, who is always questioning, always skeptical, and always hiding deeper thoughts just under the skin. Duty-bound, Romulans share with the Pisces the fundamental nature of even-handedness: not quite selfless, but a belief in the communal good. Romulans apply this belief ruthlessly, to the advancement of their own people, and at the expense of others. 

They have a strict view of the world, too, and cannot tolerate injustices big or small. When they see something that goes against their systems, they will let you know, and hold you to account. Don't ever think that an apology is enough: you may believe that a Romulan forgives and forgets, but like the Aquarius, they hide their grudges deep inside until it comes out when you least expect it.