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The Star Trek: Voyager Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Debuting in 1995, "Star Trek: Voyager" saw the franchise once again boldly go where it had never gone before. While the show never entirely escaped comparisons to "Star Trek: The Next Generation," the series had a very different premise. In the show, the crew of the USS Voyager works alongside a group of renegade Maquis freedom fighters after they are all catapulted into the far-flung Delta Quadrant to try and survive their 75-year journey back to Earth.

The series' includes plenty of memorable characters such as a Klingon engineer, a Native American first officer, and a Vulcan security chief. Beyond that, viewers meet a hot-headed pilot, a happy-go-lucky alien cook, and the heart of "Star Trek: Voyager," Captain Janeway. Along with additions that included the former Borg drone Seven of Nine later in the series' run, each character brings something new and unique to "Star Trek" that we haven't seen before. With their diverse cast and characters, the producers threw out the playbook of many traditional "Star Trek" tropes while opening the doors for compelling conflict among the crew and those they met along the way.

This wide range of personalities makes "Star Trek: Voyager" a perfect fit for aligning with the zodiac, and we've put together our take on who best represents the star signs. Whether you're an Aries, a Pisces, or something in between, here's a list to help identify which crew member of the USS Voyager you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Tom Paris

When we meet Tom Paris in a Starfleet penal colony, he is assigned to the Voyager because of his experience navigating a region of space called the Badlands. It's not until later in the series that he shows his true colors, but when he does, he makes it known pretty loudly that he's an Aries through and through, as described by Co-Star Astrology. Bold, brash, and headstrong, Paris is a man with a plan who makes no apologies for leaping before he looks. He thinks everything is a race and relishes the opportunity to prove himself the best, such as in the episodes "Drive" and "Extreme Risk."

However, Paris' boldness and recklessness, even if they are in the pursuit of noble goals, get him into trouble on more than one occasion, most famously in the episode "Thirty Days." In "Thirty Days," Paris risks everything to help the Moneans save their inhabited ocean world, disobeying orders because he believes it is the right thing to do, although he is ultimately demoted by Captain Janeway and sentenced to 30 days in the ship's brig. Aries' will recognize themselves in Paris, who would do anything on a dare, relishing the thrill of and excitement of competition. However, he also displays courage, fearlessness, and unwavering loyalty to his friends and his principles.

Taurus: Harry Kim

The Taurus sign is the lovable homebody, and that's Kim in a nutshell. He may not be a homebody in a traditional sense, but Kim spends all seven seasons of "Star Trek: Voyager" as the same rank, at the same station, diligently plugging away. The embodiment of stability and dependability, Kim is ever ready to take the night shift and the day shift, always working extra hours but never tiring, just like those born under the sign of the bull. Honest to a fault, Kim values his honor and duty, two fundamental traits that define a Taurus. 

As described by Co-Star Astrology, Taureans are "the human equivalent of moss. A handmade wooden chair." Honestly, there's not much else to be said about Harry Kim, and therein lies the proof that he is the true Taurus of the Voyager crew, as he is a simple, lovable, loyal officer. His adventures are often less than extraordinary, as he's not the bold risk-taker like an Aries or commanding like some of the Leos on the ship. However, Kim is the workhorse of the Voyager who is always ready, willing, and able to get the job done.

Gemini: The Doctor

As noted by Co-Star Astrology, Gemini's are not exactly known to be the quiet type. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as the sign of the twins is famously ready to yap the ear off of anyone in listening distance. That's the Doctor, who, while friendly and loved by the crew, has been known to annoy anyone in earshot with his talkative nature. 

Perhaps it stems from his early years of existence when he was confined to the holographic emitters and limited to the ship's sickbay before receiving his portable emitter in the Season 4 episode "Future's End." Whatever the case, he's a classic Gemini, not just talkative, but as a holographic program — and an extension of Voyager's computer — knowledgable on pretty much any subject. He's even added singing, painting, and the skills of a chess grandmaster to his programming.

However, he's also afraid of being trapped within his own mind. In "Latent Image," his programming was stuck in a feedback loop, trapping him in circular thoughts that drove him mad, saved only by Captain Janeway's diligent friendship. Like many Geminis, though, the Doctor is perceptive, analytical, and possesses a sardonic sense of humor that makes him a lovable curmudgeon. 

Cancer: Icheb

We don't meet Icheb until midway through Season 9, in the episode "Collective," when Voyager recovers him and three other children from a damaged Borg vessel. Like Seven of Nine, Icheb was once a Borg drone, but after joining the Voyager crew he is reclaimed as the Brunali boy he once was. 

Emotional, sensitive, and supportive of his friends like any Cancer, Icheb carries with him tremendous grief and sorrow — just like those born under the sign of the crab. He feels grief not just because he was made to join the Borg but because his parents used him as a living weapon against their enemies and willingly sacrificed him to destroy the Borg cubes that terrorized their planet.

Co-Star Astrology explains that Cancers take on other people's problems, and that's something that Icheb does quite literally in the Season 7 episode "Imperfection." When Seven of Nine's Borg implants begin malfunctioning, she nearly dies from a corrupted cortical node. She likely would have if it were not for Icheb, who sacrifices his Borg node to save her, suffering physically as a result. After his turbulent childhood and traumatic past, Icheb is drawn to the stability and routine that life aboard Voyager offers, which is probably what leads him to join Starfleet after returning to Earth with the Voyager crew.

Leo: Captain Janeway

There is no other commander in the "Star Trek" universe quite like Captain Kathryn Janeway. She has the swagger of James Kirk, the wisdom of Jean-Luc Picard, and the intensity of Ben Sisko. However, even those comparisons don't paint a strong enough picture, so perhaps you'll understand her better if we describe the traits she has in common with the sign of Leo, the lion. Ambitious, bold, and confident, Janeway always trusts her instincts, and they rarely lead her astray. Co-Star Astrology notes that Leos are in charge of the world around them, in command of their destiny, and often on a course they chart themselves. Nothing could describe the captain of the USS Voyager better.

With a deep sense of honor, Janeway is wounded when someone breaks their oath to Starfleet or defies its principles. This would drive a wedge between her and Seven in the episode "Prey," when the ex-Borg betrays Federation ideals and hands a wounded Species 8472 over to the Hirogen. Even though Seven was never a member of Starfleet, the Leo in her leads Janeway to feel personally affronted by Seven's actions, and it takes some time for their friendship to heal. However, a Leo is nothing if not loyal, and despite Seven's transgression, Janeway would eventually risk everything to save her when the Borg Queen recaptured her.

Virgo: Chakotay

Principled and driven, Chakotay is a one-time Starfleet Commander who leaves the Federation to join the Maquis, a group of renegades in the demilitarized zone. The Maquis defend colonists from attacks by the Cardassian colonies within the area. After being stranded in the Delta Quadrant with Voyager, he joins Janeway's crew and is made her first officer. Eventually, the former renegade becomes a distinguished member of the bridge and her most trusted confidant. Chakotay's diligence, hard work, and level-headedness make him the Virgo of the ship, as he is always diving headlong into missions to defend the ship.

Selfless and heroic, it is his desire to help others that leads him to join the Maquis — as well as the classic Virgo desire to seek out messes to fix, as noted by Co-Star Astrology. His need to be useful and to take part in a bigger plan makes him such an excellent first officer to Captain Janeway, as he is constantly cleaning up the messes on board Voyager. 

Whether that's disciplining his own Maquis crew for their troublesome behavior or keeping Paris in line, Chakotay was the man who kept Voyager running on all cylinders and its crew ready to function as a cohesive unit. However, what might qualify Chakotay most as a Virgo is his modesty and stoicism. He never boasts or brags. Instead, he simply goes about his own business to accomplish the job he's there to do.

Libra: Neelix

Libras are said to be the perfect diplomats because they are natural peacemakers, which describes Neelix perfectly. While stuck in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway turns to Neelix to be her guide to the unexplored sector. Eventually, Neelix proves so invaluable in this capacity that he becomes the ship's official ambassador. Like a typical Libra, Neelix is idealistic and happy-go-lucky, always seeing the best in people. Endlessly optimistic, his positivity, compassion, and empathy — all traits of the sign, according to Co-Star Astrology, — help him act as morale officer, ensuring that the ship's long journey home doesn't take too heavy a toll on its crew.

Libras put a lot of weight on the opinions of others, though, and Neelix looks to the emotionless Tuvok as both his inspiration and his judge. Extremely sensitive, it cuts deep when Tuvok criticizes him, though at heart Neelix knows that his shipmate respects him. Unfortunately, tying his self-worth to validation gets Neelix in trouble in "Fair Trade" when — worried that the Captain will no longer need his skills — he colludes with an old friend to steal a valuable map, almost landing him a death sentence. However, his real problem is his need to keep moving. It almost prevented him from finding a new home with a group of wayward Talaxians, but with the counsel of Tuvok, he decided to put down roots to become their leader.

Scorpio: Lon Suder

Those born under the sign of the Scorpio are complex and perceptive, according to Co-Star Astrology, and are always searching for clues to understand the people around them. A Scorpio looks for answers wherever he goes, asking questions and peeling back the layers of your psyche while you think they are just laughing at your jokes. The dark empath, Lon Suder, a half Betazoid former Maquis freedom fighter, is our pick for Scorpio. He had an uncompromising worldview but feared little. He embraced darkness and death, with his only fear being himself and what he was capable of at his worst. 

Though he is eventually revealed to be a sociopathic killer, take no offense if you share his sign. Suder is not a bad person but is a long-suffering trauma victim who becomes one of the biggest heroes on the Voyager crew. With Tuvok as his guide, Suder unlocked his hidden potential, which he was eager to share with the rest of the crew. However, after a Kazon takeover of the ship leaves him alone aboard Voyager, Suder sacrifices himself to fight off the intruders, rescuing everyone from certain death. This is because a Scorpio is not a demon but a loyal and compassionate although often misunderstood friend, just as Suder proved to be.

Sagittarius: B'Elanna Torres

The Klingon characters on "Star Trek" always seem to embody the Sagittarius sign, whether it was Worf on "The Next Generation" or the former Jadzia Dax on "Deep Space Nine." As noted by Co-Star Astrology, Sagittarius embodies the warrior-poet identity, with a weapon one moment and a book the next. B'Elanna Torres, who often distances herself from her heritage, still shows some base Klingon instincts, even if it takes the entire series for her to embrace them. She is also an engineer and a brilliant problem solver who runs the ship's engine room. Her adaptable strength brings her worldly wisdom that is sometimes hard to see, hidden behind her emotional nature and volatile personality.

A Sagittarius never plays it safe, and Torres is always jumping in feet first with daring plans to save the ship. However, she takes it too far sometimes, especially when dealing with difficult emotions. This is seen in "Extreme Risk," when she pushes herself to dangerous limits in the wake of a devastating personal tragedy. However, a Sagittarius' greatest foe is structure and rigidity, which explains why Torres quits Starfleet Academy to join the Maquis, which makes it hard for her to integrate into the Voyager crew. Thankfully, with support from the faithful Chakotay and even the often skeptical Captain Janeway, she proves herself to be an invaluable member of the ship.

Capricorn: Tuvok

Those born under the sign of the Capricorn are mature and responsible, often wise beyond their years. Motivated by duty, they repress the emotions that might get in the way of their singular commitment to their responsibilities. Seeking respect more than praise, a Capricorn is a paragon of discipline and a master of structure who is always chasing perfection. That is why Voyager's resident Capricorn is Tuvok, the ship's Vulcan chief of security.

Co-Star Astrology explains that it's common for Capricorns to be rigorously molded by their elders at a young age, shaping them into duty-bound, disciplined minds. This is very much mirrored in what we saw of Tuvok's youth in Season 6 episode "Repression," where he is trained in the ways of logic and emotional control. However, Capricorns are also perhaps the loneliest of the zodiac signs, as their focus and ambition can leave them with few friends who can stick by them on their rise to the top. This trait is also seen in Tuvok, who regularly shuns friendships with the crew outside of his relationship with Captain Janeway. Thankfully, this is not a problem for Capricorns, nor is it a problem for Tuvok, who possesses a determined desire for self-sufficiency and discomfort with relying on others.

Aquarius: Seven of Nine

In some ways, Seven of Nine is a little bit of every sign. She, at times, appears like a warrior-poet Sagittarius, a bold and determined Leo, and an adaptable Gemini. However, if we had to pick just one sign of the zodiac for the former Borg, it would have to be Aquarius. Co-Star Astrology describes Aquarius as the outcast sign, and of all the wayward souls aboard the USS Voyager, nobody is more an outcast than Seven of Nine. She is not quite human but no longer quite Borg. Even into the tail end of the 24th century, she remains an island, leading the Fenris Rangers after returning to the Alpha Quadrant because she never quite fit in with her Starfleet friends, no matter how hard she tried.

Far from loners, Aquarians excel in groups. Like Seven, those born under the sign of Aquarius use their vast knowledge to charm their way into the hearts of others with unusual trivia that fascinate friends and strangers alike. A lover of unpopular opinions, Seven always seems to be ruffling feathers with some contrarian response to simple questions. Capricorns love a good conspiracy theory too, and who can forget Seven's descent into obsession in "The Voyager Conspiracy," when a random convergence of data caused her to see every situation as a sinister plot against her? More than anything, Seven and the Aquarius are authentic originals, with few equals.

Pisces: Kes

As noted by Co-Star Astrology, the dichotomy of the fish sign dictates those born under the Pisces are both naive and insightful at the same time. The same can be said for Kes, an Ocampan saved from the Kazon by Neelix along his travels, whose lifespan is only nine years. Throughout "Star Trek: Voyager," Kes displays both childlike innocence and sage wisdom that is well beyond her age in Earth years. Dreamy and emotional, her sensitive nature is in strong contrast to the rigid structure of the Starfleet ship on which she lives. 

Many Pisceans wish to evolve and become more than just their physical form. Kes also possesses this profound wish and is ultimately able to achieve this dream. During her time on Voyager, and with guidance from Tuvok, Kes goes from the young, impressionable Ocampan into a powerful telepath whose abilities transcend the physical realm. In the Season 4 episode "The Gift," her powers become so intense that she sheds her physical body and becomes non-corporeal, leaving the ship, and her friends, behind. If you're a Pisces, you may never be able to do what Kes does, but you can likely identify with her dream-like, spiritual nature and wide-eyed view of the world.