The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" was born from the popularity of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." "Deep Space Nine" is anything but a carbon copy, however — the show's creators took care to make it an original show with its own conflicts, characters, and premise (via Uniquely, "Deep Space Nine" is set on a space station instead of a starship, is decidedly more spiritual, and features a more dramatic tone. It also stars an all-new cast, playing all-new kinds of characters — a far cry from the more homogenous Starfleet heroes seen on the Enterprise-D.

The main cast of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" is anything but a friendly family. Based on an abandoned space station previously run by the tyrannical Cardassians (who used it to subjugate the Bajoran people), Starfleet Commander Benjamin Sisko takes over the station to oversee the reconstruction of Bajor. Joining him are Chief Miles O'Brien from "Star Trek: The Next Generation," ex-Bajoran revolutionary Kira Nerys, distrustful shapeshifter Odo, nefarious but friendly small-time crook and Ferengi bartender Quark, and two young Starfleet officers, Lt. Jadzia Dax and Dr. Julian Bashir.

With such a variety of compelling characters, it's no wonder so many Trekkies' favorite figures hail from "Deep Space Nine." There's a character for everyone of any stripe to connect with, whether it's an upstanding do-gooder or a morally grey antihero. Which "Deep Space Nine" character are you based on your zodiac sign? Read on to find out.

Aries: Commander Worf

A strong and commanding leader this time around, Lt. Commander Worf comes to Deep Space Nine to help Captain Sisko deal with the Klingons during a moment of political crisis. He proves himself an Aries during his four seasons with the show. Quick to anger, but just as quick to calm, Worf looks at every situation like a competition — one he's certain he'll win. This fiery sign, which is described as "unafraid of conflict, highly competitive, honest and direct," fits Worf perfectly. He's a man who knows exactly what he wants, a quality he expresses time and time again during his relationship with the more playful Jadzia Dax. During the lead-up to their wedding, he makes it clear that he wants it to be traditionally Klingon. 

Being decisive and bold are Aries traits too, and they've gotten Worf in trouble more than once before. In "Rules of Engagement," Worf takes on a Klingon attack party with a strategy that leads to the apparent destruction of a civilian ship. His Aries-esque desire to prove himself is used against him in the ensuing trial. Though he might be a bit hot-headed, Worf is unapologetic. Aries owns their temperament, even though their need for action and excitement often lands them in precarious situations. Their courage and nobility, something Worf has in spades, tends to see them through even the stickiest situations.

Taurus: Chief Miles O'Brien

If you're a Taurus, you probably see a lot of yourself in O'Brien. Formerly transporter chief on the Enterprise, Miles O'Brien transferred to Deep Space Nine after Season 5 of "The Next Generation," and became Sisko's chief of operations. O'Brien is essentially the station's resident mechanic, and always seems to be busy fixing the perpetually malfunctioning station. As much as he enjoys the holosuites, and as widely as he's been lauded as a war hero, O'Brien would much rather be at home with his wife and kids than out adventuring on the Defiant. Taurus, ever the homebody, is the sign for him. A solid "rock of dependability", he can go on forever and will tackle any job you throw at him. O'Brien's the one the crew is always able to rely on, and it's that reliability that gets him into trouble. He's always biting off more than he can chew, and making it impossible to find time to relax.

Pragmatic and logical like any good engineer, O'Brien shares those traits with those born under the bull. O'Brien also displays Taurean patience, steadiness, and adherence to routine. This is probably why the writers of "Deep Space Nine" loved to torture him so much. Like the cosmic bull, O'Brien can also be stubborn and obstinate, and is always running out of patience with his best friend Bashir's incessant exuberance.

Gemini: Garak

Fans of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" who are at all familiar with the zodiac will know that Garak is a classic Gemini. The man talks out of both sides of his mouth, and can enter a room and morph into whatever personality is required. Far from the plain, simple tailor he claims to be, Garak uses his natural charm and charisma to beguile even the most distrustful people. He's able to size up those around him quickly, and uses those insights to get what he wants. When someone is bluffing or otherwise hiding the truth, Garak is always the first to know, possibly even before a Betazoid — he's just that good at figuring people out.

Gemini is an intelligent and expressive sign, but don't go thinking they're devious. Garak's most devilish quality is his wildly emotive grin. His startling intellect is impressively multi-faceted, boasting knowledge on just about any subject. With endless energy at their disposal, Geminis are known for being hyper and talkative, a trait they use to share said knowledge. Verbal sparring is also a form of flirting for Garak, which fans see when he meets Ziyal: The pair even argues about who is plotting to kill whom. Garak is drawn to Ziyal because of her inability to be defined — she is a true enigma. Naturally, this is fascinating to a Gemini like him.

Cancer: Leeta

If you're a Cancer, you might have a lot in common with Leeta. She is empathetic, sensitive, and deeply caring — so much so that it can sometimes overwhelm her. As Quark's most prominent "dabo girl," she uses her perceptive nature and sensitivity on the job. Wielding flirtation as a secret weapon, she always makes sure the gamblers at the wheel keep playing, even when they should know better. Outside work hours, she's a sympathetic ear, and not just to her boyfriends, Julian and Rom, both of whom are drawn to her for more than her looks. Ever the Cancer, Leeta is a tremendous source of comfort, advice, compassion, and encouragement.

A good listener, Leeta always has words of consolation in rough times, and offers strong support in good ones. But she can also be overly emotional, to the point that she can be brought to tears by an inspiring moment. Leeta has a layered personality, which surprises many, as she's often judged for more superficial qualities. This is an experience Cancer knows well. Good thing she has the sign's kind nature to fall back on — and its hidden cleverness.

Leo: Dr. Julian Bashir

If you're looking for the show's Leo, you're looking for Julian Bashir, the idealistic doctor. Leos are bold, warm, and loving, and while it takes viewers a while to discover those qualities in Bashir, they definitely emerge. At first, he's a slightly obnoxious young doctor fresh out of Starfleet Academy. But as he opens up, we find a captivating personality. Bashir also has a real way with words, and is able to speak eloquently on almost any topic, no matter how recently he might have learned about it — thanks, in large part, to his genetically engineered brain.

Though he has that classic Leo ambition, Bashir is more driven by emotion than one might think. His troubled upbringing still haunts him, as seen in "Doctor Bashir, I Presume," which reveals his parents and the genetic tampering of his youth. This rough childhood leads Bashir to seek praise and resist opening up to those around him. It also spurs brash confidence, and a certain artificial swagger that he uses to feel safe. These Leo traits give him a reputation as a braggart, but Bashir just sees himself as sharing his abilities, through which he feels more connected to his friends on the station. He wants them to celebrate his accomplishments, but he also wants to celebrate theirs. That's what makes Bashir a true Leo, and such a valued and trusted friend. 

Virgo: Nog

Nog has one of the greatest character arcs in all of "Star Trek" history, and is one of the few to have a ship named after him in the 32th century. Yet Nog begins life on Deep Space Nine as little more than a petty teenage miscreant, prone to looting storage lockers and pranking patrons on the promenade. Over the course of the show's run, the petty thief becomes a respected Starfleet lieutenant who fights the Dominion in some of the most infamous battles of the war, losing his leg in the process.

If you're a Virgo, you should be proud to be Nog. What makes him a Virgo? Those born under this sign are marked by their ability to fix things around them. Once Nog matures, that description strikes right at the heart of who he is: When Nog sees someone with a problem, he reaches out to help. Fans see this in "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River" when Nog helps pretty much everyone on the station, and in "In The Cards," when he's willing to use his own savings to help Jake acquire a baseball card for Captain Sisko. This all stems from a Virgo's need to feel useful and be a part of something larger than themselves. This is also what motivates Nog to join Starfleet. Virgos are also known for their fastidiousness, which we see when Nog briefly becomes roommates with Jake after coming back from the Academy.

Libra: Lt. Ezri Dax

After receiving the Dax symbiont in an emergency, Ezri Tigan isn't ready to be a joined Trill. Despite being two people in one — or, from one perspective, 12 people in one — Ezri feels alone, and seeks out Dax's old friend, Benjamin Sisko. This loneliness and need for companionship defines Libras, whose strength often flows from those around them.

Libras are difficult to pin down, because they can seem contradictory. Ezri is nothing if not a walking contradiction: One moment she's fun-loving and gregarious like Jadzia, while other times, she's withdrawn and sullen, like other previous hosts. Because she wasn't truly ready to receive the Dax symbiont, Ezri gains a jumbled mess of a personality, which can seem different depending on who she's around. But Ezri isn't entirely incoherent. She also displays Libra's compassionate and empathetic traits, making her the perfect station counselor. She fills this role to perfection when she counsels Garak through a serious bout with claustrophobia. Her aversion to conflict is also a Libra quality, and so too is her need to find validation. This is particularly evident in her joining with Dax, as seen in "Prodigal Daughter."

Scorpio: Odo

Some mistake Scorpio as the sign of villains, but that is definitely not the case. It's true that, if pointed in the wrong direction, a Scorpio can veer towards shadiness. But in the right environment, Scorpio can be the sign for the best of us. Scorpio's traits are not necessarily bad, as they're often smeared — they're simply misunderstood. Yes, they are dark, brooding, and intense, and indeed, they can be loners. But if you get to know them, you know they have hearts of gold.

Scorpios tend to be quiet, somewhat distrustful, and excellent judges of character. That certainly sounds like Odo, so if you're a Scorpio, you no longer need to fear being solely compared to villains like Darth Vader. Odo may be a grim and dour sort, but he's also noble and brave, with a ceaseless desire for justice. A Scorpio like him might be difficult to get to know, but that's only because they tend to keep to themselves. Scorpios have a grim view of the world, and tend to be cynical and jaded — some of the most intense view every interaction as a battle of wills. But Scorpios also have a rigid moral compass, whichever way it may lean, and strict ethical lines they never cross. It's his Scorpio traits that make Odo such a good investigator, and the station's greatest chief of security. 

Sagittarius: Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax

A fearless adventurer and courageous warrior, Jadzia Dax is a classic Sagittarius. The 300-year-old joined Trill is deeply principled and highly emotional. An explorer of the human condition (or perhaps, in this case, the humanoid condition), Dax sees the galaxy and its wonders as her own personal playground. Though she relishes exploring the unknown, the scientist in her is always looking to understand how things work. This Sagittarian thirst for knowledge pushes Dax to investigate the interesting anomalies they encounter, which often leads to trouble. Notably, in "Children of Time," she implores Sisko to explore an unusual planet that promptly gets them thrown backwards in time.

A Sagittarius knows that knowledge of one's self is often far deeper and more powerful than knowledge of the universe. Dax is on a never-ending quest to understand herself, which we see in "Facets." Often said to be one of the most worldly signs in the zodiac, a Sagittarius' optimism can be infectious, their aspirational nature influencing those in their orbit: Captain Sisko has confessed to being both inspired and frustrated by Dax's relentless positivity. She's also never one to play it safe, being a risk-taker in terms of both action and emotion. Diving headfirst into situations based on intense instinct is definitely familiar to a Sagittarius.

Capricon: Major Kira Nerys

Capricorn is the sign of the sea goat, but it may as well be the sign of the Bajoran revolutionary and freedom fighter Kira Nerys. Born in Dahkur Province on Bajor, Nerys grew up during the Cardassian Occupation, spending the entirety of her formative years in the Singha refugee camp. With no real childhood to speak of, Nerys was forced to be an adult from an early age, with a maturity and seriousness lacked by those privileged enough to enjoy their youth. Responsible, dedicated, and devoted to duty, Nerys is a classic Capricorn. She exemplifies the sign's traits as a member of the resistance, Captain Sisko's second in command, and a high-ranking member of the Bajoran Militia, when Starfleet takes control of station.

Cold and stoic, it takes Nerys a while to warm up to those around her. But when she does, she becomes a trusted, valued, and unshakable friend and ally, as those with Capricorns in their lives will find familiar. She doesn't care for attention or adulation, only honest respect. Nerys seeks to prove herself, not just to those around her, but to herself as well. In many ways, it's as if she's constantly living in the shadow of the Bajoran Occupation: She seems to need to validate not just her own worthiness, but that of all Bajorans. Like a Capricorn, she goes about this as a pragmatic, dutiful perfectionist, but also a strong, independent, and powerful leader.

Aquarius: Quark

You may look at Quark and see little more than a greedy, sniveling criminal. But in truth, he is so much more than that. Quark possesses an unswerving moral compass, and a strong desire to do the right thing. He's as brave as any Klingon warrior when the cause is one he's passionate about: In "The Magnificent Ferengi," he leads a team to take on the Jem'Hadar to free his mother, and in "Sacrifice of Angels," he helps save the station from Dominion rule. 

But as an Aquarius, the sign that "fetishizes personal freedom," Quark prefers to be a loner. He embraces his reputation as a criminal, and even enjoys sparring with Odo over his extralegal activities. He's also an unabashed capitalist, and a firm believer in the free market. Quark's a bit of a contrarian as well: He revels in holding controversial opinions, something he sees as a mark of intelligence, and enjoys living in opposition to Starfleet. Quark is anything but ordinary — to him, ordinary is boring. In that, he is the embodiment of the water bearer. These visionary folks often defy description, living as philosophers in their own utopian worlds, run by their own brands of logic — in Quark's case, the Rules of Acquisition. If you ask us, it may as well be the Rules of Aquarius.

Pisces: Captain Benjamin Sisko

In the early seasons of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," we might have called Sisko an Aries, or perhaps a Libra. But Captain Sisko of the last few seasons is definitely a Pisces. Sisko possesses both childlike enthusiasm (especially for the extinct human sport of baseball) and wisdom beyond his years. This latter trait grows even more intense as he embraces his role as Bajoran Emissary.

To a Pisces, everything is a sign. As Sisko accepts his destiny as the Emissary to the Prophets, everything he sees becomes a sign — and usually, it is. Receiving orb shadows and visions, Sisko sometimes struggles to tell the difference between dreams and reality. In some cases, it's both. Pisces are also prone to fantasy, and, as any Trekkie knows, "Far Beyond the Stars" sees Sisko inhabit a fantasy world as science fiction writer Benny Russell. 

Pisces are often misunderstood by society for their esoteric natures, just as Starfleet begins to distrust Sisko when his visions become too powerful. In "Rapture," Sisko is instructed to separate himself from his role as Emissary, and he flatly refuses. Pisces "wants to dissolve. To wrest themselves of a physical form." That's exactly what Sisko does in the series finale, shedding his corporeal form and joining the Prophets in the Celestial Temple.