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The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The "Masters of the Universe" franchise has always been populated by big, colorful characters. One of the joys of the recent series "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" on Netflix is getting to see characters that a generation of kids grew up loving and idolizing, like He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and even Orko, finally developing the depth we've always suspected was there but had yet to be shown on such an epic scale.

With these added layers of emotional and psychological complexity, the heroes and villains populating the world of Eternia have become even more relatable and compelling, making it all the more tempting to debate exactly which one matches our own personalities. To assist with that discussion, we've assigned zodiac signs to 12 characters based on certain character traits. 

Just for fun, look below to find out which "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Skeletor

Skeletor has always been a confusing antagonist. While he certainly looks imposing and sinister, it's never exactly clear why he's such a buffoon and why he would surround himself with henchmen who are even more incompetent than he is. The boring answer probably has something to do with not wanting to scare children, but within the narrative of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," it's sort of a problem. Not a major one, just an oddity that only gets more confusing as you age.

In "Masters of the Universe: Revelation," however, it's clear that Skeletor's inadequacies come from ego. He stomps around like he's the biggest and baddest, but when it comes to actually accomplishing his goals, he is blinded by his previous defeats. He-Man and his friends have foiled his plans so many times that he has trouble seeing past his own rage. This is why his plans never quite work: he can't plot beyond settling a grudge.

That is what makes him an Aries, as their need to be the best at everything, and a mild sense of self-satisfaction, can sometimes get in the way of accomplishing their goals. If Skeletor had taken his new opportunity as a god to see the bigger picture, maybe he truly would have become master of the universe.

Taurus: Cringer

It's often thought that someone with the Taurus star sign likes to luxuriate in life's finer things. Be it good food, expensive clothing, or just being pampered, a Taurus has no time for problems because they're too busy treating themselves. That's not why Adam's "fearless" friend Cringer is a Taurus. No, Cringer doesn't appear to see himself as anything special. Instead, Cringer is a Taurus because he would rather be embracing the easy life and getting pampered than leaping into battles against Skeletor.

When Prince Adam speaks the words that bring down The Power and transform him into the mighty He-Man, he shares that power with his buddy Cringer, transforming the fearful animal into a fearless warrior. Given his hesitancy to change into his more regal and formidable other self, it isn't hard to imagine how much the good-hearted and brave (in spite of absolute terror) cat would love to spend his days on a comfortable bed with soft sheets.

In "Masters of the Universe: Revelation," we are shown that Cringer (voiced by Stephen Root) doesn't necessarily need to be Battle Cat to harness his bravery, and that is a welcome addition to his character. Still, it's obvious that if given a choice between a soothing bath and taking on an army, Cringer would definitely prefer the former.

Gemini: Orko

For anyone who grew up feeling the need to apologize for their love of the bumbling wizard Orko, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" rewards you with an Orko who is just as funny, equally misguided in his attempts to use his magic to help his friends, but who is also capable of incredible acts of bravery. This interpretation of the character (voiced by Griffin Newman) is both vulnerable and brave in equal measure and every bit the hero as his friends.

What makes him a Gemini is his humor, spontaneity, and curiosity. Despite the fact that his spells fail time and time again, he keeps trying to improve. He seeks answers to why his abilities don't measure up to his intentions while refusing to give up. His sacrifice during the first part of the series is heartbreaking because he has every reason to run and hide.

Yet, instead of saving himself, he knows the right thing to do is to save someone else, even if that person would have killed him before. His Gemini sense of curiosity leads him to understand Evil-Lyn and reveal to her a strength she had no idea she possessed, which is what makes her final choice to save him from the afterlife so powerful.

Cancer: Prince Adam/He-Man

Perhaps one of the more poetic and inspiring character insights in "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" is that Prince Adam doesn't see himself as the massive muscle-man with the awesome sword. He doesn't go around bragging about how cool or powerful he is, because that's not what being a hero is all about. A hero rescues people. A hero protects those who can't protect themselves. A hero doesn't punish evil. Heroes save the universe. 

That's the power of this character. Sure, he probably could turn Skeletor to dust if he wanted to, but why would he? His goal isn't to rid the world of Skeletor, he wants to protect Castle Grayskull and the people of Eternia. Why would that require murder? We see what happens when the raw and angry power of He-Man is unleashed and it is terrifying. That kind of rage doesn't protect, it destroys.

When He-Man is slain and given his final reward, he doesn't wander the afterlife in his hulking form. He's just Prince Adam. Why? Because that's how he sees himself. A friend, a son, a simple man with a big heart. That's what makes He-Man powerful. For the incredible depth below the bulky surface, this character is assigned Cancer, a sign known for being more than what they appear.

Leo: Evil-Lyn

Prior to this series, she may not have been considered a Leo. These signs tend to embrace their superiority and broadcast it to anyone within hearing distance. That's not quite who Evil-Lyn is. Like many of his cronies, Evil-Lyn has always been unquestioningly loyal to Skeletor. No matter how often he screws up, she's at his side. Now "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" tells us why. Not only that, it shows us what happens when she decides to do things her way.

It turns out that Evil-Lyn (voiced by Lena Headey) feels obligated to serve Skeletor, despite her better judgment, because he rescued her from a miserable life in the sewers. Although her existence was nothing but struggle, she was entirely self-sufficient. When Skeletor showed up and gave her a better life, she committed herself to serve him. However, after he makes her the new Sorceress and reveals the secrets of the universe, she takes the opportunity to stand on her own two feet and succeed where Skeletor has repeatedly failed.

The moment she takes up the sword and calls down the Power, she shows Eternia what she is truly capable of and solidifies herself as the Leo of the series.

Virgo: Man-At-Arms

The most dangerous man in Eternia isn't He-Man, it's his friend, the battle-hardened tactician Man-At-Arms (voiced by Liam Cunningham). While He-Man's got the sword and The Power, Man-At-Arms naturally has the know-how and ability to win virtually any fight. It's that warrior's mind that makes him a Virgo, as they are thought to be very logical in their approach to life.

However, his logical approach to combat can be a flaw when applied elsewhere in his life. As first revealed in the original "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" episode, "Teela's Quest," Man-At-Arms has been keeping the truth about Teela's mother from her since she was born. He did this to protect his daughter and her mother, the Sorceress. While the decision made perfect sense to him, it was agonizing to Teela, who felt betrayed by her parents.

Still, he did what he felt was right, just going to show that any hero, no matter how formidable, is fallible.

Libra: Teela

As mentioned in the previous entry on this list, one of the earliest episodes from the original series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" was called "Teela's Quest" and it dealt with Teela journeying to find the identity of her mother. It's a question that has plagued her for her entire life and she was determined to uncover the truth. For a show with the name He-Man in the title, it took a big risk telling a story that wasn't about the marquee hero, especially so early on.

We have waited decades for that story to be resolved, and "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" does not waste the opportunity to explore the consequences of that original episode. A great deal of the Netflix series is about Teela dealing with the truth. Not only is she trying to cope with the fact that the circumstances surrounding her birth were hidden from her by her friends and family, but she is also desperate to rise above her bitterness and become the hero she was destined to be.

Striving for balance in life is what makes Teela a Libra, as they too are seeking equilibrium. She has to accept the fact that everyone lied to protect her while learning more about her new powers and ascending to the role of the new Sorceress. The seeds of this entire story were sown in the early 1980s and now, almost 40 years later, they've finally paid off.

Scorpio: The Sorceress

This article explaining the character traits associated with the Scorpio sign states that those born beneath it are often considered mysterious and misunderstood. That is certainly true of the woman dwelling within the walls of Castle Grayskull, primarily referred to as the Sorceress. Not only does the nature of her power and her overall role in Eternia remain vague, but who she is in relation to certain characters is also shrouded in mystery.

"Masters of the Universe: Revelation" dives into those mysteries like never before, giving us a glimpse at the greater purpose of the Sorceress and why she makes certain decisions. Like Man-At-Arms, we learn that she is flawed in her thinking. To her, the only way to serve The Power and protect the universe is to let go of her attachments to the people she cares about since those attachments can only cloud her judgment.

When her daughter Teela becomes the new Sorceress, she shows her mother that attachments can be a strength, thus proving her true powers are misunderstood mysteries even to her.

Sagittarius: Andra

When we meet Teela's new friend Andra in "Masters of the Universe: Revelation," Eternia is a much different, somewhat gloomier place. Skeletor, as far as anyone can tell, is gone. Prince Adam/He-Man, however, is also gone. In the absence of their son, the King and Queen are struggling, and Teela has resorted to making a living by retrieving lost artifacts. Despite the gloom permeating around her, Andra's enthusiasm and optimism shines through.

Right away, she establishes herself as a youthful and energetic presence in Teela's life. Not only that, but she's really good in a fight. It's obvious from the start that she is full of potential, just like a Sagittarius. This potential is only further demonstrated as she grows more confident as a fighter and earns her place alongside some legendary heroes. In fact, she is so talented and capable that, by the end of the story, she is named the new Man-At-Arms. 

Capricorn: Mer-Man

The third episode of Netflix's "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" begins with a flashback worthy of the original series. He-Man and Teela are on a pirate ship facing off against Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. Just before throwing the two overboard, Skeletor reveals that he is in league with Mer-Man (voiced by Kevin Conroy), who gloats about how he will be the one to pry the sword of power from He-Man's cold, dead hands.

This scene occurs in a slightly different form when Mer-Man arrives in the episode proper. He is furious that Evil-Lyn forgot all about him when Skeletor died. He believes that the two of them could have ruled the universe, but now he's out to do it himself. Just as he did in the opening scene, Man-At-Arms arrives to prove why he is the most dangerous man in Eternia.

Instead of killing Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn convinces him to take them to Preternia. Before leaving the story for good, Mer-Man swears he will come for them again. Knowing when you're beaten and plotting to attack another day takes a level of patience worthy of a Capricorn. In fact, he is so patient, he doesn't show up in the series again, likely setting the stage for a possible second season.

Aquarius: Queen Marlena

Like her son, Queen Marlena (voiced by Alicia Silverstone) is more than she appears. While first glance will tell you she's no different than any other human living on Eternia, she is actually from Earth. Not only that, but she can apparently return there if she wants to. She tells Adam this when detailing what life was like without him. Her relationship with her husband had become so difficult, following the loss of their child and the fact that she knew more about Adam than she was letting on, that she was considering leaving him.

Thankfully she didn't, as she is a soothing presence for Prince Adam. Based on their interactions, her trust in him and love for him help to keep him grounded. It's her Earth origin and her loving nature that make her an Aquarius. Other traits associated with the sign are humanitarianism and dedication to making the world a better place. While she does join the climactic battle, she is mostly responsible for keeping the universe safe by always being there to help her son.

Pisces: Moss-Man

We don't get a whole lot of Moss Man (played by voiceover legend Alan Oppenheimer) in "Masters of the Universe: Revelation," but the moments we do have with the character are immensely powerful. For starters, he arrives to protect Castle Grayskull when Skeletor is moments away from claiming its power. He appears massive and powerful and easily capable of crushing Skeletor.

However, he is also Skeletor's first victim. The villain sets the sentient planet ablaze, sending him to the afterlife and demonstrating that this Skeletor means business. When next we see Moss Man, he is advising a deceased Prince Adam on the virtues of giving up paradise. He is an ancient being, though young when compared to the age of the universe, and has accumulated wisdom beyond most mortal beings.

That deep relationship with time and connection to plant life on Eternia is what makes him a Pisces. If there is another season, it would be nice to learn more about how deep his roots go.