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Timothy Spall Of The Last Bus Reveals Why Kristen Stewart Is The Perfect Diana In Spencer - Exclusive

Princess Diana's name has been floating around the media more often than ever recently, given the parallels between what she went through as a Royal and the same kind of treatment Meghan Markle has received after marrying Prince Harry. It's certainly not easy marrying into a strict Royal lifestyle. Still, things are infinitely worse that the entire world has opinions on your worth based solely on whether or not you fit well into this lifestyle. 

While Kristen Stewart was never a Royal herself, she has some idea of what it's like dealing with sudden fame and criticism at a young age, making her the perfect choice to play Princess Diana in the film "Spencer" alongside Timothy Spall (Alistair Gregory). 

During an exclusive interview with Looper for his new film "The Last Bus," Timothy Spall revealed what it was like working with Kristen Stewart on "Spencer" and how he thinks she embodied the late Royal. 

Embodying Diana

When asked what it was like working with Kristen Stewart in "Spencer" and how Spall thinks the movie as a whole represented the late Princess Diana, he said, "The movie advertises itself from right at the beginning as a fable based on a true tragedy, so it is saying, 'This isn't purporting to be real.'" He added, "As soon as Kristen walked on the set, I knew that she had [gotten] it spot on, as soon as she walked in and started speaking."

Anyone who's seen the film can certainly attest to that. "I'm playing, in a sense, the antagonist. I'm spending a lot of the film telling her off, quietly and respectfully, how to behave. I knew as soon as I saw her that she had, to use an American term if I may, 'slam dunked it' straight away from day one," Spall continued, ringing Stewart's praise. "I know that only comes from thought, research, a lot of thought, and being a brilliant actress. I thought instantly — not only did I think that, I thought, 'My goodness, she's being good.' I thought, 'This is where she's showing how ... We all know she's good, but this is how she's showing how really good she is.'" 

People have often criticized Stewart for taking on roles with characters who are supposed to be a bit bland by nature. When she does something like "Spencer," it's clear just how far her range goes.

The perception of women in the spotlight

"If ever a thing has been overloaded with perception, it's to [the] Royal Family. It's constantly cogitated on — investigated," Spall explained. "Only those within it will ever know what it's like. Maybe the whole principle of show business is there's a kind of [privelege] to that because we are lucky enough to be in the world of making stories. We're only purely storytellers. That's what we do, for people to watch and go out at night or watch the telly and be told a story.

"The Royal Family is an ongoing story. Its principle is to be a function, an ancient function and representative of something that is ancient and anachronistic to [a] certain degree, but is ultimately British and represents something a bit like the presidency does in America. It also, like show business, we get a lot of fly on the wall stuff about show business, nobody really knows how it's done. It's a mixture of a thousand different elements that come together to create a simple story."

Spall made a connection between Stewart and Princess Diana that many people might not have put together, as both faced constant criticism as young women in the spotlight: "Apart from the fact that she's a great actress, Kristen has experienced a lot of scrutiny, as we know from the media. She'd have a pretty clear idea how Diana Spencer felt."

"The Last Bus" is now available to rent on digital platforms.